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Title114 Erp607 Bb Configguide en Us
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Table of Contents
                            Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
1 Purpose
2 Preparation
	2.1 Prerequisites
3 Configuration
	3.1 Purchasing: General
		3.1.1 Maintaining Account Assignment Categories
		3.1.2 Defining Combination of Item Category/Acc. Assignment Categories
	3.2 Sales: General
		3.2.1 Assigning Item Category
		3.2.2 Maintaining Copy Control for Sales Documents (Header and Item)
	3.3 Transfer of Requirements
		3.3.1 Defining Requirement Classes
		3.3.2 Defining Requirement Types
		3.3.3 Determining Requirement Types Using Transaction
	3.4 Schedule Lines
		3.4.1 Defining Schedule Line Categories
		3.4.2 Assign Incompletion Procedure to Schedule Line Categories
		3.4.3 Assigning Schedule Line Categories
		3.4.4 Maintaining Copy Control in Schedule Line Level
	3.5 Billing
		3.5.1 Copying Control on Item Level

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