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Vehicle Optronics








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2 3Vehicle Optronics Vehicle Optronics

On-the-spot identification, faster
Image and target data may be
merged to give security forces a
more accurate impression of the
given conditions. Crews are able to
respond much faster and – if
necessary – acquire targets much
sooner. And with that, the
observation and targeting platform
speeds up response time
considerably. It not only saves time
– in a crunch, it can save lives.

Enhanced situational awareness
Situational awareness – the ability to
detect, process, and understand
precisely what is happening – is
critical to every security force. With
the benefit of stabilised panorama
viewing and targeting, the crew
never loses track of the

Networked intelligence
Vehicle-mounted crews need to
know what they are seeing and
where potential threats loom. This
networked solution provides in
real-time the information
commanders need to make critical
decisions quickly in today’s
deployment scenarios.

Custom configurations
The observation and targeting
platform may be equipped with up
to three sensors such as a thermal
imager, a daylight zoom camera and
an eye-safe laser rangefinder. With
this triple-play capability, acquiring
target coordinates is an exercise in

From reconnaissance and observation
to action: to see is to be prepared

Keeping the peace, securing borders and protecting civilians in theatre is a daunting challenge. To rise to
it, forces must be able to track and manoeuvre any time day or night, in inclement weather, and across
rugged topography. For vehicle-mounted forces, this means being able to observe and evaluate the
terrain, detect and identify threats, and track with absolute assurance. Indeed, the mission’s very success
hinges on the crew’s ability to see, identify, track and engage under every light and weather condition.

Drawing on a deep well of experience in optronics, Airbus DS Optronics has developed a wide spectrum
of observation and targeting platforms that enables security forces to find, fix and follow targets of
interest and opportunity even under the most adverse conditions. Our sensor solutions can easily be
integrated into every new wheeled, tracked and armoured vehicle or may be integrated into legacy
systems any time. It interfaces with both new and existing fire control systems. The long-range sensors
have been stabilised to defy difficult terrain. Driver’s vision enhancers offer drivers to manoeuvre at top
speeds under all light conditions.

• Vehicle Optronics

- Fire control and
surveillance systems 4

- Driver’s sight devices 14

- Boresighting 20

• Airborne Optronics

• Maritime Optronics

• Surveillance Optronics

• High-Performance Optics

• Sight Systems Hensoldt Line

Our product lines










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10 11Vehicle Optronics Vehicle Optronics

Periscopes for Main Battle Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles

In a combat environment like in
Afghanistan, dust and haze are
all-encompassing. It is in these
hostile conditions, that an MBT
Leopard 2 and infantry fighting
vehicles are sent to protect a
convoy on a reconnaissance
mission in a secluded area. The
convoy is suddenly attacked from
an unknown direction. Thanks to the
third-generation thermal imager
ATTICA, the Leopard 2 commander
can quickly locate the aggressors
and react.

The periscopes are the perfect
solution for dire weather conditions
and darkness, cutting through the
dust and the haze.

Airbus DS Optronics offers giro-
stabilised Periscopes providing
precisely the panoramic vision that
could mitigate the risk inherent in
such troops-in-contact (TIC)
situations. Even in extremely
rugged terrain, its dual-axis,
stabilised line of sight delivers a
clear, stationary image.

Tough enough for the military
Engineered specifically to withstand
the rigours of military use, our
Periscopes resist shock, vibration
and temperature extremes.

They can be readily integrated in fire
control systems and may be used in
the visual and in the infrared
spectral ranges.

A mode for every mission
The Periscope’s four operating
modes accommodate every type of
mission posture:
• The commander controls the
periscope in observation mode for
independent orientation regardless
of gun position.
• The commander monitors the
target in alignment mode whereby
the periscope is slaved to the gun.
• The commander controls the main
weapon using the periscope in
designation mode. In this case,
the gun is slaved to the periscope.
• The periscope resides at the index
position; that is, at the 12 or
6 o’clock position relative to the
vehicle’s main axis.

The PERI R17 A3 retains proven
PERI R17 A1 and A2 modules and
submodules, so that the logistics for
the two are largely compatible.

Main features
& benefits

• Combat proven hunter-killer
• Designed for the
commander’s station
• Integrates into armoured
vehicles’ fire control systems
• Remarkably easy to operate
despite its advanced
• Bright spot protection
• Automatic brightness control
• Automatic contrast control
• Muzzle flash protection

From darkness to light
The latest generation of ATTICA
thermal imagers features
prominently in the PERI R17 A3 and

Tried and true
The range of PERI R17 A1 through
A3 is currently in use by the
LEOBEN community. The combat
proven PERI R17 A3 is in service in
the Leopard 2 fleets of Canada,
Denmark and Germany and was
employed in Afghanistan by the
Danish Armed Forces.

Enhanced hunter-killer capability
The PERI RTWL is the latest
development of glass optical
periscopes by Airbus DS Optronics
for the PUMA as well for the
Leopard 2 commander. Based on
the Puma development, this
enhanced periscope includes
superior glass optical performance
combined with latest technology in
optronics. Besides a third-
generation thermal camera and
CCD camera, this periscope offers
an eye-safe laser rangefinder for
enhanced hunter-killer capability.
New fibre optical gyros increase the
MTBF and drift performance of the
system. For full mission success,
the image of the thermal imager can
be displayed directly into the
commander’s ocular.


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12 13Vehicle Optronics Vehicle Optronics

Retrofits and upgrades
For the Leopard fleet

Retain your fighting ability
without having to reinvest in new
weapon systems!

Airbus DS Optronics caters to the
customers’ demands, offering
leading-edge, cost-efficient
solutions in this time of shrinking
defence budgets. The retrofit
solutions offered are specifically
designed to extend the product life
cycles of Main Battle Tanks (MBT)
like the Leopard 2. The optics and
optronics for the MBT modernization
can be easily retrofitted.

On average, a Leopard 2 that is
currently in use is expected to be
commissioned until at least 2030.
Aside from the obvious economic
advantage of saving the costs
associated with the purchase of a
whole new weapon system, our
retrofit products allow customers to
extend the lifespan of their weapon
systems. Retrofits are a sensible
option for staying up to date with
modern mission scenarios and
changing operational requirements,
while benefiting from the newest
technological developments during
the lifespan of the tank.

The performance and reliability of
existing systems can be greatly
improved through upgrade
solutions. This is particularly true in
the realm of thermal imager
upgrades to ATTICA, a thermal
imaging device of the third
generation, that offers a much better
image quality including an extension
of the identification capabilities and
ranges than its predecessors

Of course Airbus DS Optronics also
caters to those customers having to
replace the obsolete TIM thermal

Among our upgrade options for the
Leopard fleet, Airbus DS Optronics
offers eyesafe laser range finders
with an increased repetition range
and enhanced penetration through

We are here to help your existing
fleet successfully complete its
missions while keeping costs down
to a minimum.

Capability Enhancement
Firepower of modern MBT is
defined in terms of precision and
penetrating power.

Airbus DS Optronics upgrade
solutions are in place to keep your
system up-to-date with today’s

The upgrade solutions offered allow
for a high hit accuracy even on the
move with a precision offered by the
high performance fire control
system, highly accurate stabilization
system and high performance
optronics and sights achieved by
the state-of-the-art sensors.

Enhanced situational awareness
and network intelligence
allows real-time information transfer
so that commanders need to make
critical decisions quickly in today´s
deployment scenario.

ATTICA GL provides both, gunner
and commander with increased
target acquisition ranges where the
ELRF/Day Unit provides an
Increased Repetition Range to allow
to respond much faster and – if
necessary – acquire targets much

MBT Leopard 2 A5/A6

MBT Leopard 2 A7+

MBT Leopard 2 A4

Main features
& benefits

• Third-generation thermal
• Increased target acquisition
• Enhanced image processing
• Higher MTBF

Main features
& benefits

• Eyesafe laser rangefinder
• Increased repetition range
• Enhanced penetration
through dust
• Higher range accuracy


1:1 replacement
for WBG-X

1:1 replacement
for laser rangefinder

ELRF/Day Unit

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20 21Vehicle Optronics Vehicle Optronics

Boresighting Missing the target is no optionA Soldier in the field is confronted with
various hostile threats, that make an
immediate reaction inevitable. Lives
and the success of the mission
depend on the aiming accuracy of his
weapon. Therefore having the highest
possible first hit probability becomes a
mission critical ability and in the field
also a matter of pure survival. He
needs to be on target – always.

The higher the hit probability, the
greater the combat value of a weapon.
Battlefield supremacy, increased
survivability and less ammo usage are
among the easily achievable
advantages of a well-adjusted weapon
system. The risks of collateral damage
and friendly fire are comparably
minimized as is the chance to give
away ones position by missing the
target with the first shot.

Aligning targeting sights with live
ammunition can be a very expensive
proposition. In times when budgets
are tight, these unnecessary expenses
are most unwelcome. Airbus DS
Optronics has a far more affordable
alternative to offer. Our boresighting
solutions not only drive down costs to
a fraction of the expenses associated
with conventional methods, they also
save time. But most important they
line up the targeting optics with a
vastly improved accuracy – combat

Airbus DS Optronics offers the
high-performance boresight tools to
enable armed and security forces to
do their duty with the highest possible
level of aiming accuracy. With
decades of experience our high
precision boresights provide the
advantage to keep control in combat

situations and outperform any
opponent. Covering handheld
weapons up to heavy weapon
systems Infantrymen or vehicle
crews alike benefit from this vast
improvement of their survivability
and combat capabilities.

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22 23Vehicle Optronics Vehicle Optronics

Universal precision
The Universal Muzzle Boresights
provides the cost effective means to
adjust aiming sights of almost all
firearms in today’s service. It provides
a compatibility from 5.56 to 155 mm
caliber for long and short range
alignments. By combining easy
handling and high durability the user
benefits from a fast adjustment of his
targeting equipment and low lifecycle
costs. Usable from factory to crew-
level the universal boresight line
provides highest precision, where it is
needed – on target.

Highest accuracy
The High Precision Alignment Devices
(HiPAD) have their origin in the
German Leopard MBT program.
Being used in the Leopard tanks as
standard equipment ever since, it
stands for unmatched accuracy. The
HiPAD program utilizes self-centering
caliber bars from machine cannon to
howitzer caliber. It provides the
capability of highly precise long range
alignments or extremely accurate
short range collimator adjustments of
targeting systems. Thus providing the
highest accuracy available –with the
first shot.

Synchronous operation
Not only the aiming system needs to
be thoroughly aligned to the weapon.
Both their movements during the
aiming process must be as well. If not
done so the ballistic calculation might
become wrong. The Synchronous
Operation Test Devices from Airbus
DS Optronics measure both the
elevation of weapon barrel and
targeting system, providing the ability
to check, to adjust and to hit.

Boresight alignment

So simple, yet so efficient
By using highly accurate weapon
barrel adapters (caliber bars) the line
of sight of the gun is taken as
reference for the alignment of the
respective targeting sight. Being a
truely mechanical and optical
process with no need for electronics
and long preparations this makes it
a matter of minutes to check and
eventually adjust the optics. The
rugged design of the boresight tools
guarantees a long life span with
almost no lifecycle costs.

By providing the means either to
carry out short or long range
adjustments the boresight
equipment can be used in a factory,
a workshop, on a shooting range or
in the field alike. Interchangable
boresighting telescopes simplify the
application and can as well be used
for primary and secondary
armament making the acquirement
even more economic.

Main features
& benefits

• Improved accuracy
• Lower costs
• Easy handling
• Rugged design

Boresight kit weapon stations (Universal muzzle boresight line) 120 mm adjustable caliber bar (HiPAD line)

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