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So you want to be a filmmaker? First step .to being a filmmaker is stop saying
you want to be a filmmaker. It took me forever to be able to tell anyone I was
a filmmaker and keep a straight face until I was well on my way. But the truth
was, I had been a filmmaker ever since the day I had closed my eyes and
pictured myself making movies. The rest was inevitable. So you don't want to
be a filmmaker, you are a filmmaker. Go make yourself a business card.


Now, what about all that technical knowledge you actually need to make a
film? I think some famous filmmaker once said that all the technical stuff you
need to know in order to make movies can be learned in a few weeks. He was
being generous.

You can learn it in ten minutes.

With the following information you can embark on making your own cool
movies, all by yourself, without a film crew (and trust me, there are extreme
benefits of being able to walk into business and be completely self-sufficient.
It scares people. Be scary). . . .

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ was raised in Texas and has ten siblings. Since El
Mariachi he has written and directed a sequel to the film, Desperado,
participated in the collaborative film Four Rooms, and directed From Dusk
Till Dawn, based on a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino. He lives with his
wife, Elizabeth, in Austin, Texas.

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