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Title81 Little Lions an Introduction to the 9x9 Board for Advanced Beginners
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by Françisa d'Alsace


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81 Little Lions
An introduction to the 9x9 board

for advanced beginners

by Françisa d'Alsace
([email protected])

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

English Version 0.89 - 04. January 2015.


Page 29

The chapel only works on the second line of the board! The three Black
stones surround the single White stone, facing the edge. The White stone can

not be saved and is dead.

(Diagram 29)

When two Black stones are placed around the White stone, they are
"threatening a chapel".

(Diagram 30)


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If White ignores the chapel and plays elsewhere, Black 2 can capture White
in a chapel.

(Please notice that Black 2 is an endgame move! Playing it this early is a
mistake because White has a free move elsewhere on the board now.)

(Diagram 31)

You can use the chapel as a technique for Furikawari. Let's look at this
common board position: Black has big influence over the top of the board,

and White has a small group on the lower side.

(Diagram 32)


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Option C:

White will be thankful for the passive move at Black 3 and extend his control
over the board with White 4. The open space between Black 1 and 3 is bad

for Black, as White can invade later.

(Diagram 79)


Page 59

The End?

Yes, the book is already at it's end, and I hope you learned something new
from my introduction to the 9x9 board. Of course I could only give you a basic
understanding this special board size, and there is much more to learn and
discover! If you lose a lot on the 9x9 board, do not let that discourage you! As
the a popular saying goes: "The master has failed more then the student has
even tried."

I want to give a special thanks to mark5000, who gave me great input on
many parts of the book! (And who is an excellent 9x9 player himself!)

Also a thanks to those who helped me getting stronger, read over the book,

and those who are my good friends. ♥

This includes (in alphabetical order): anoek, arnfasta, BOAtanne, calantir,
crodgers, donbambone, Elli, Gast-Account, Kuroneko, Levvo, matburt,
Migaki, Mikasa, mlopezviedma, pathogenix, Satomi, ST000MA, tinuviel,
thouis, trohde, TTT, Vanna, vranzel, xhu98.

Feel free to contact me via [email protected] or send a message to
"Françisa" on the Online-Go Server (OGS).

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