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Title9781119047025 Supply Chain for Dummies JDA
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
	About This Book
	Foolish Assumptions
	Icons Used in This Book
	Beyond the Book
Chapter 1 A Look at Supply Chains Today
	Supply Chain Basics
	The Power of a Best-In-Class Supply Chain
	The Four Ps
Chapter 2 Examining Supply Chain Challenges
	Primary Supply Chain Challenges
	Symptoms of a Broken Supply Chain
Chapter 3 Delighting the Omni-Channel Consumer
	Understanding the New Consumer
	Examining the Impact of the New Consumer
		Building customer loyalty
		Improving response time to demand changes
		Delivering products profitably
		Managing inventory costs
		The digital explosion
	Taking a Closer Look at the Store of the Future
Chapter 4 The Value of Supply Chain Technology
	The Value of Supply Chain Technology
		Improved access to information
		Improved insight
		Improved agility
		Better collaboration
		Improved customer loyalty
		Less wasted time
	The Difference between Supply Chain and ERP Technology
	Making the Most of the Cloud
Chapter 5 The Key to Achieving Supply Chain Excellence in Manufacturing
	Establishing a Manufacturing Planning Process
	A New Path Forward for Manufacturers
	A Look at Supply Chain Segmentation at Work
	At the Root of It All: Supply Chain Science
Chapter 6 Focusing on Profitable Fulfillment
	The Benefits of Intelligent Fulfillment Decision Making
	Integrating Planning and Execution
	Considering Constraints
		Understanding warehouse constraints
		Understanding transportation constraints
Chapter 7 The Key to Achieving Success in Retail
	Better Experiences Lead to Greater Wallet Share
	Introducing the Next‐Generation Retail Operating Model
	The Evolving Role of the Store
Chapter 8 The Benefits of Collaboration
	Creating Collaborative Success at the Inventory Level
	Creating Collaborative Success at the Sales Level
	Turning Collaboration Inward
Chapter 9 Nine Common Myths about Supply Chain Technology
	Supply Chain Technology Costs a Lot
	SCM Is too Complicated
	We’re too Small for SCM
	SCM Isn’t a Strategic Differentiator
	It Will Take Years to See an ROI
	Our IT Team Doesn’t Have the Bandwidth
	We’ve Already Cut Costs
	There’s No Point in Planning as Forecasts Are Always Wrong
	We Already Have a Best‐in‐Class Supply Chain
Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Common Supply Chain Acronyms

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