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A Wanderer’s Romance
A Roleplaying Game By Christopher McDowall

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Christopher McDowall, Sooga Games,

Michael Wolf, Stargazer Games,

Pavel Elagin, Used with permission

A Wanderer’s Romance is ©2011 Christopher McDowall. Some rights reserved.

The text of this document has been licensed under a
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported license.

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Closing Fangs (Unarmed or Straight Sword) - Earth + Water
For the unsuspecting prey the fangs close slowly.
Initiate: If you Weaken an opponent they are also Staggered.
Student: If your Water exceeds your opponents you may choose to treat any Damage roll as Weakened instead
of rolling.
Master: Add your opponent’s Fire score to Attack Rolls.

Peaceful Hammer (Maul) - Air + Earth
When all is destroyed, there is peace.
Initiate: Add Air to Damage against opponents wielding a weapon.
Student: Add opponent’s Fire to attack roll.
Master: If your Earth is exceeds your opponent’s you are always Focused.

Lion Rampant (Unarmed) - Earth + Fire
A symbol cannot be defeated.
Initiate: Opponents can never be Focused.
Student: Add Fire to damage rolls.
Master: Opponents cannot use Fire or Water to defend.

Thundering Tsunami (Staff or Maul) - Earth + Water
When the earth rumbles, it sends oceans fleeing toward the land.
Initiate: Ignore opponent’s Armour.
Student: Add opponent’s Water score to Damage rolls.
Master: If you hit your opponent they are Weakened in addition to rolling for Damage normally.

Abyssal Embrace (Axe or Maul) - Earth + Water
Calm waters can devour the unwary soul.
Initiate: You are always Focused.
Student: Add your Balance to attack rolls.
Master: Add your opponent’s Balance to attack rolls.

Leviathan’s Sting (Darts or Spear) - Fire + Water
Grasping from the deep, there is no escape from its burning sting.
Initiate: Fire is doubled when dice match.
Student: An opponent you have hit cannot Focus or use their Air score.
Master: Add Fire to damage rolls.

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Dust Storm (Darts) - Air + Earth
Even sand can become deadly, when borne by the wind.
Initiate: Opponent cannot be Focused.
Student: Opponent cannot use their Air score.
Master: Whenever you hit an opponent you may Weaken them instead of rolling for Damage.

Glacier Shatter (Straight Sword, Curved Sword, Glaive) - Air + Water
The strongest metal will shatter in winter’s breath.
Initiate: Opponent cannot use their Earth score.
Student: Styles that do not have Fire as one of their two Elements cannot be used to defend against your at-
Master: Opponents add their Armour score to damage rolls against them instead of subtracting.

Shroud of Frost (Staff or Glaive) - Air + Water
Even the lion moves slowly when ice covers the ground.
Initiate: An opponent you have hit cannot use their Fire score to attack or defend.
Student: Can be used Defensively. You may use your Water score in place of Armour at any time.
Master: When your opponent rolls to defend treat non-matching dice as zero.

Desert Heat (Spear) - Fire + Water
The sun weighs heaviest when the air is still.
Initiate: May be used as a Defensive Style.
Student: Whenever an opponent misses you, they must choose an Element with a score higher than zero. This
is reduced to zero for the duration of the duel, ignoring location modifiers.
Master: For every Element your opponent has at zero, add one to their Damage rolls.

Generous Host (Unarmed) - Air + Earth
A Gracious host knows when to give and when to accept.
Initiate: If your opponent attacked you before you attacked them, double your Balance.
Student: Replace any one of your opponent’s Element scores with yours.
Master: After you have both rolled you may swap any of your attacking dice for any of your opponents defend-
ing dice.

Studious Mind (Straight Sword) - Air + Earth
We learn more from our mistakes than our triumphs.
Initiate: Become Focused whenever you miss an opponent.
Student: If your last attack missed add Air to attack rolls.
Master: Whenever you miss an attack you may take a Lesson Token labled with the name of your opponent.

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The world began as nothing but ocean. The Origins raised up a million colourful islands,
anything larger than a few dozen miles being swallowed by the envious deep. Some of these im-
material beings chose to take a physical form and live in the varied lands they had created, even-
tually settling into the forms of men and beasts. Our ancestors.

The Origins that did not take physical form paid a great cost. They were left unable to affect
their world directly, relying upon influencing men with words and knowledge. Their teachings led
to our understanding of elemental balance, the formation of the thousand Legendary Styles and
the universal code of combat that define our world today.

You are a great man or woman. An errant trained in both the noble art of combat and in con-
tests of body and mind. Drifting from one island to another, you have your own philosophy on life
and the power to enforce it.

A Wanderer’s Romance
A Wanderer’s Romance is a game of martial art duels and tea-making contests set in a world of unnatural
islands on an endless sea. It draws on its Wuxia influences but focuses on a character driven game with
scope for incredible environments and a true sense of exploration.

Features of the game include:

• A fast, simple and easy to learn system for task resolution that spreads consistently across duels,
contests, activities and group tests.

• Dozens of combat styles for characters to learn as well as countless other types of contest they can
specialise in.

• A setting outline designed for maximum creative freedom. Every group’s world will be different but
will share in similar themes.

• Multiple ways to support your allies from teaching them lessons in defeat and envigorating them
through activities to training them in combat styles and preparing tea and food that will balance their
elemental forces.

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