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Game design, background and
graphics: Andrea Sfiligoi

The name “Norindaal” was suggested
by Lukas Bayard and is part of the
intellectual property of Andrea Sfiligoi
and Damon Richardson.

Kickstarter management and video:
Damon Richardson

Point calculator: Ray Forsythe

Music: Fabrizio Maggiolini

Editing and proofreading: Victor
Jarmusz, Justin Crozier, Rich Gorski,
Chris Lendrum

Figure Sculpting: Micah Nichols, Chad
Overter, Yann Hoarau, Paolo Fabiani,
Andres Villaseca

Stock reference pictures and textures:
ArtofDecay, FantasyStock, Liam_stock,
inky stock, magikstock, aegean prince,
skyestock, kiwidoc, jsf1, queenselphie,
navistock, iamidaho, cobweb stock,,
gd08, cyborgsuzy, camelfobia,
lugubrumstock, chonastock, mjranum,

stein_steel, orcbruto, voivodess,
neverfading, and Wikimedia Commons

Playtesters and helpful comments:
Diego Chisena, Massimo Moscarelli,
Diego Riccitelli, Stefano Giombini,
Daniele Fontana, Zarthas, Xenos.

This book would not exist without
our generous Kickstarter backers:

Samuele Mariotti, John C Miller-Wells,
Kau, Peter Fulop, Gordon, Teskal Flink,
Wereskunk, Jessica, gjl059, Alex
Draper, Iván de la Osa, Berit Larsen,
Potter, Casey & Mike, JJ Parus, Stuart
Wiltshire, David, Jez Bbm, Josh Smith,
GamerGuy95, Christopher King, Ian
Silk, Foehammer, Anthony Selvaggio,
ub3r_n3rd (Dark Lord of Enablers),
stephanie wagner, Levi, Guillaume
Lahouste, Stuart Davies, Casey
Garske, William Bennett, Jonathan
Stow, Joel Andersson, Aleksandar
Saranac, David Mitchell, Alexander
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Engebos, durecellrabbit, Kevin G
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Yuri Kalinin, Kent Reuber, Nicholas
Wright, Mauricio Carvalho Pedroso,
Andrew James Princep, Adam Collier,
Robert Strahan, Patrick Odell, Ralph
Mazza, Henrix Gudmundson, Craig

Core Rules Handbook

Song Of

Blades and

Page 45


roll is made, remove the Gruesomely Killed
model from the table. A creature that is
Gruesomely Killed is automatically dead — no
game effect can bring the character back to
life, and the character is not allowed a survival
Q roll in the post-game phase.

Healing: Not allowed.

Recovery: Not allowed.

A Mute leader may not issue group activation
orders or use his Leader bonus. A Mute figure
may not cast spells, use scrolls, or use any
password-activated magic item.

Healing: 1 action.

Recovery: Automatic at the end of the game.

When a character is doubled by an attack or
beaten in combat while Prone, Transfixed or
Sleeping — but he is not Gruesomely Killed—
he is Out-of-Action. Knock down the model
and place him face down on the table to show
this condition. If a friend administers a Potion
of Healing or a Healer spends one action to
heal him, the figure may be revived. This
emergency rescue must be attempted no later
than the following turn or it will not work. Note
that the character is still Prone when he is
healed and will need to spend one action to
get back on his feet. If the character is not
healed within 1 turn of going Out-of-Action,
he remains Out-of-Action until the end of the
scenario. At that point, if allowed by the
scenario and if his friends win the game, the
character will make a Survival Q roll on three
dice. If he passes all dice, the character will be
able to fight at full efficiency in his next game.
If he passes 2 dice, he will be at -1 to Q roll in
his next game, and then recover. If he passes
1 die, he will skip his next game and be home
recovering. If he rolls no successes, or if his
foes win the scenario, the character dies.

Healing: See above.

A model affected by the Poison Trait loses 1
from his Q. (e.g., a Q3 character will become
Q4). This represents a paralyzing poison.
Other poisons may have other effects.

Healing: 1 action to heal one point of Q loss.

Recovery: Possible during the game only by
the use of magic or by taking an antidote.
Automatic at the end of the game.

All attacks on a Prone model are Lethal. The
model goes Out-of-Action whenever he is
beaten in Combat by one or more. Melee
attacks against Prone models are at +2.
Ranged attacks have no modifier but are still
Lethal. Attacks that double a Prone character
inflict Gruesome Kills.

Healing: 1 action. A healer may spend one
action to have an adjacent Prone friend stand
up immediately as a free action.

Recovery: 1 action to stand up.

A melee or ranged attack on a Sleeping
foe is a Lethal Free Hack at +2, and the
Sleeping model’s C counts as 0. Models
may be asleep because of scenario rules
(a night raid on a camp) or because of the
Sleep spell. Waking up a sleeping
character is a 1-action Task in the case of
natural sleep, and 2-action Task in the
case of magically induced sleep. The task
can be attempted by any adjacent friend.
A Sleeping character also wakes up if he
is attacked and survives the Free Hack.

Healing: Woken by any adjacent friend for the
cost of 1 action, or 2 actions for magical sleep.

Recovery: Automatic at the end of the game.

Staggering models may not be part of group
activations. A Staggering model activates and

Page 46


fights as normal, but if he rolls a 1 on any
Activation or Reaction roll, he goes Out-of-
Action. The model will automatically survive
the scenario unless an enemy spends one
action adjacent to him to give him a coup de

Models who become Staggering because of
the Venomous Strike ability will die if they pass
out unless a Healer spends two actions to
remove the Staggering condition within one
turn of their going Out-of-Action.

Healing: 2 actions.

A Transfixed character is
paralyzed. He stands
motionless until the Transfix
condition is removed. A
character may be Transfixed
as a result of the Transfix
spell or by other game
effects. Melee or ranged
attacks against Transfixed
opponents are Free Hacks
at +2 and are Lethal. If
doubled by an attack, a
Transfixed target is
Gruesomely Killed.
Transfixed models cannot
fight, so their roll is purely
defensive. Nothing bad can
happen to the attacker if the
Transfixed foe wins the
Combat — the Transfixed
character rolls a die to
represent sheer luck or
divine protection that may
still save him! A Transfixed
character may not move,
cast spells, give orders,
attack, or perform any
action until he spends two
actions to summon his will
and break the condition.
The bonus from a Transfixed

Leader does not count. If a character is
Transfixed while climbing or when balancing
precariously (scenario rule), the character falls.
For Morale purposes, Transfixed creatures still
count as living, but Transfixed creatures failing
a Morale roll are put Out-of-Action and
removed from the game.

Healing: 2 actions

Recovery: automatic at the end of the game;
2 actions during the game

Turned to Stone
If Turned to Stone, a character may not
perform any actions. He becomes a statue

and provides cover to
any model hiding behind.
Models larger than the
petrified character may
carry him as if he were a
heavy load, dragging him
along (movement
becomes Short). The
petrified character is not
dead, and he will be back
at full health if the
Turned to Stone effect is
negated by a Healer, or
by the use of an
appropriate spell or
magic item. A foe armed
with a crushing weapon
may try to break his body
so that the character dies
when the Turned to
Stone effect wears off.
Roll a die: on a 1, the
assailant’s weapon
breaks; on a 2 to 4,
nothing happens; on a 5
or 6, the Turned to Stone
character dies.

Healing: 3 actions.

Recovery: Automatic at
the end of the game.

Page 89


Roll Q or better on 1, 2 or 3 dice (your
choice). Each success is an action. Each
failure is a reaction die for a foe. If there
are 2 or more failures, the opponent may
call a Turn-Over instead of using
reactions. Actions can be used to move,
attack, shoot, or cast spells.

Melee Combat Modifiers
Outnumbered: -1 per every adjacent foe
above the first
Attacking Transfixed/Prone foe: +2, blow is
Lethal; Gruesome Kill if you double.
Power Blow: 2 actions, -1 to foe’s C
Ambush bonus: +1
Mounted attacking non-mounted: +1
Defending an obstacle and/or fighting in
elevated position: +1
Large model attacking a smaller foe: +1
Unarmed: -1 unless using MA Trait
Heavily Armored: loser adds +1 to his
Combat total after the roll

Ranged Combat Modifiers
Target behind cover/in woods: -1
Shooting at double range: -2
Shooting at triple range: -4
Shooter has Unerring Aim: -1 at 2 sticks, -2
at 3 sticks
Target Undead: -2
Target Big, Huge, Gargantuan: +1
Target Transfixed: +2
Target is Prone: shot is Lethal
Aimed Shot: 2 actions; -1 to target’s C
Shooter has Good Shot: +1
Target is Easy Target: +1
Target is Difficult Target : -1

Effect of Common Traits
Melee Block: roll 1d, reduce effect of hit
on a 5+ vs melee attacks only
Block: roll 1d; reduce effect of hit on a 5+
vs melee or ranged

Magic Block: roll 1d; reduce effect of hit on
a 5+ vs melee, ranged or magic
Expert Block: as Block above, but
succeeds on a 4+
Flail: ignores the Block Traits
Dashing: gain one attack action when
moving into a melee
Free Disengage: may move out of melee
without suffering a Free Hack
Leader: +1 to Q rolls of friends within 1 x
Long from Leader; may give Group orders
to 2–5 figures

When to Check for Morale
Leader Out-of-Action or moving off table
More than half warband moved off table
or Out-of-Action
Witnessing a Gruesome Kill
Charged by foe with Terror

Combat Effects
Beat with odd number on die: loser
recoils; winner may follow up
Beat with even number on die: loser is
knocked Prone
Doubling: loser is Out-of-Action
Tripling: loser is Gruesomely Killed

Group Moves
Roll activation on 1, 2 or 3 dice as normal
once for 2–5 adjacent figures, at least one
must be within 1 x Long range from a
Leader; use worst Q in group.
Concentrated Fire: a group of 2–5 shooters
all within 1 x Long of leader, shoot at the
same target using the worst C and
modifiers. Target gets -1 to C per every
shooter above the first.
Regroup: 2–5 figures within 1 x Long of a
Leader may activate as a group with the
sole purpose of moving into contact with
each other.

Permission granted to reproduce this page for personal use only.

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