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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Chapter 0: Introducing the Book
	Roleplaying Game?
	Mecha Genre?
	The Rules of the Game
	What it Plays Like
	Using This Manual
	What you Should Know
	An Example of Play
		Setting Terminology
		System Terminology
Chapter 1: Playing the Game
	Episodes in a Nutshell
	Character Attributes
	Mecha Attributes
	Genre Themes and Genre Points
	Power Levels
	Damage and Defenses
	Advantages and Disadvantages
	Intermission Rules
		General Tests
		Intermission Scene Example
	Operation Rules
		Zones and Ranges
		Offensive Actions
		Utility Actions
		Damaging Mecha
		Operation Turn Example
Chapter 2: Writing the Character
	Character Concept
	Character Creation Outline
	Assigning Character Attributes
	Spending Character Points
			General Skills
			General Traits
	Choosing Genre Themes
		Genre Reason
		Genre Typecast
		Genre Bane
	Choosing Genre Powers
		Default Powers
		Champion Powers
		Trickster Powers
		Tactician Powers
	Power Level Adjustments
	Roleplaying Details
	The Character Sheet
	Example of Character Creation
Chapter 3: Building the Mecha
	Mecha for Everyone
	Mecha Construction Summary
	Assigning Mecha Attributes
	Spending Mecha Points
			General Upgrades
			Active Defenses
			Sub Unit
			Alternate Forms
			Default Weapons
			Equippable Melee Weapons
			Equippable Shooting Weapons
			Equippable Beam Weapons
	Power Level Adjustments
	The Personal Touch
	The Mecha Sheet
	Example of Mecha Construction
Chapter 4: Running the Show
	The Genre Master
	Taking it Easy
	The Course of Episodes
		The Big Bad Evil Guy (or Girl)
		Arc Plot Structure
		Using Themes
		Episode Flow
		Scene Pacing
		Scene Changes
		Tests and Narrative Control
	Planning Operations
		Objectives and Circumstances
		Difficulty and Rewards
	The Supporting Cast
		NPC Tiers
		Squad Power Ratings
		Grunts, Rivals and Bosses
			Boss Traits
			Enemy Features
			Boss Powers
			Boss Upgrades
			Boss Weapons
			Boss Capstones
		Attribute Templates
		Using Enemies
		Allied Reinforcements
Chapter 5: Discovering the World
	The World of Battle Century G
		A History Lesson
		Brave New World
		Sonne, Mond and Sterne
	The Game's Three Scenarios
		The Soaring Dragon Fortress
		The Mobile Battleship Wagner
		The Clarke Foundation
	The Rogue's Gallery
		Non-Pilot Grunts
		Enemy Grunts
		Enemy Rivals
		Enemy Bosses
	Running a Hiryu Game
	Running a Wagner Game
	Running a Clarke Game
	Endgame Ideas
	Do it Yourself
		Enemy Mine
		Ambience and Tone
Quick Rules Reference - Attributes
Quick Rules Reference - General
Quick Rules Reference - Mecha
Quick Rules Reference - Operations
Quick Rules Reference - Weapons
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The dust had barely settled by the time that Wong stepped out of the VTOL. He took a moment to resist
the urge to brush the remaining sticky flecks off of his suit. Smearing them would only make things worse.
Under different circumstances, the abandoned airbase before him may have been almost pleasant. Those
circumstances were called ‘trees’. Without them, the erosion of the soil had turned the whole facility into a
dustbowl, and lent it a uniquely solemn air of depression and disuse. In a way, it was almost genius.

Wong instructed his pilot to listen for any suspicious radio chatter during his meeting, and his personal
guards to follow him out. Mr. Beats lacked the conventional form of respect to come and meet an expected
visitor upon arrival, especially one who was as well-known as a Wong. Even with all of the changes in recent
years, basic human needs and urges never change. There was a demand for opium before the invention of
electricity, and there would continue to be one long after Gears have been replaced by the next advance in
weapons technology. As ever, the more enjoyable substances were rigorously controlled by those in au-
thority. Fascists. But the demand was there. And Wong met that demand, for a price.

Meeting that demand was not always easy. Trafficking his product between zones and across oceans
required hardware that attracted attention. Occasionally, those with more testosterone than wits thought
that they could muscle Wong out of his market. For these things and more, Wong found it necessary to use
force. And when using force, it paid to use it in an overwhelming amount.

That is where Benjamin Beats entered the life story of Jianguo Wong. Walking deeper into the base, Wong
and his guards caught sight of a middle aged man walking toward them, out of one of the nearby buildings.
Balding and sweating in the heat, the mechanic’s jumpsuit he worse was halfway unzipped, the sleeves of
them tied around his waist rather than letting them dangle.

The worn grey suit may have been white once. Wong noted his displeasure at the lack of decorum, but de-
corum was not Beats’s specialty. Wong could make such allowances for an old partner. “Afternoon Wong.”
Jovial as always, Beats. “I thought we worked out the details on the phone?”

Wong made a show of looking around. “Of the job, yes. But I wish to see your… materials firsthand.” Beats
smiled a toothy grin. “What, you don’t trust me? Me, your only friend in this cruel and terrible world?” No
reaction. Wong was too professional for that during anything official. “I do not trust fortune, Benjamin.”
Benjamin Beats let out a laugh that made him sound twice as big as he was, and waved for Wong and his
men to follow. Beats understood the score as well as anyone else.

Benjamin Beats and the small but loyal team of men who worked for him held a position unique to them on
Earth. Building and maintaining a Gear took considerable money, and even more infrastructure. Without
those, fielding a Gear was virtually impossible. But in the age of Gears, who wanted anything else?

Benjamin Beats had Gears, after a fashion. They were dirty, ugly things built from the shattered corpses
of Gears that had been destroyed and left to rust on the battlefield. Filled with electronics from planes 15
years out of date, and armed with weapons salvaged from virtually anything. No upstanding organization
would allow them to pass even a routine maintenance inspection. Then again, no upstanding organization
would take the sort of jobs that Beats’s boys would. Wong appreciated the service they provided, and the
favors that Beats had done for him in the beginning. Favors he had long since repaid.

But the peculiar nature of Beats’s operation meant that how many Gears he had, and what those Gears were
equipped to handle, varied wildly after any and every job they performed. Limbs lost, parts salvaged, am-
munition used up and weapons destroyed all added up to a constant flux. It was an uncertainty in perfor-
mance ability that Wong had never brought himself to fully trust.

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Beats came to a stop in front of what was originally designed to be an airplane hanger. With the thick dust
and some tastefully cosmetic lack of repairs, you would never know it was currently in use for a much more
advanced form of weapon. Benjamin whistled. The door to the hanger slid open, revealing the shockingly
clean workshop inside. In the sterile white light beneath them, two vaguely humanoid junkheaps stood tall.

“Only two?” Wong asked. “It’s not been the best year for us.” Beats admitted with a shrug. “But I am ex-
pecting some extra capital pretty soon. We can put together another one then. Anyway, two is plenty for
this job.”

Wong had his doubts, but Beats didn’t make promises he could not keep. “And their condition?” “Better
than they look.” Beats said. “The one on the left is a Bravery, mostly. More like about 7 Braveries, held to-
gether with parts we got out of a Dominion.” Wong quickly checked what he knew about military hardware.
“I thought the Dominion was a tank, not a gear?”

“Like I said, not the best year. That other one, though, is a thing of beauty. Somebody took on more than
they could handle and ended up on the wrong side of town with one of the Federation’s new test models.
These come from one of those fancy ones the Guerillas use, a Dvorak. God knows how they got it, but
turns out it was a steal. ucker is built to swap out anything for anything else, let me tell you. In fact...” Beats
cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled out to someone in the hanger. “Penny! Bring out Big Red.” It
took surprisingly little time for the former-Dvorak to lumber out into the daylight. It was, in fact, very red.

“See that on the back?” Beats asked Wong, pointing. “Missile Launcher we ripped off a UEF Gunboat. Built
to be anti-air, but simple enough to repurpose.” Wong nodded. “Very impress-”

He was cut off mid-sentence by a sound like the air being set ablaze as a pillar of flame launched from
the back of Big Red into the air, before diving toward the ground. The dust at Wong’s feet leapt into the air
halfheartedly from the force of the explosion. “And that,” Beats continued “was your ride out of here.”

Big Red turned toward Wong and raised an arm. Wong fought to maintain his composure as he looked
down the barrel of a gun that he could probably crawl into if he tried. This didn’t make any sense. It had
to be a joke. It had to be a mistake. His guards had already drawn their guns, but even they knew it was
a wasted effort. There was nothing they could do to stop even this poor excuse for a Gear, and shooting
Benjamin would only guarantee their own deaths.

Wong swallowed, and turned to his only friend in this cruel and terrible world. His eyes asked the question
before his words had a chance. At least Benjamin looked torn up about it. “I don’t have anything against
you, Wong. I think you are a heck of a guy. You and me, we did alright by each other. The problem is, we
did that a little too often. Word got out that I am your man. And, well… you have a lot of enemies, Wong.”

Wong went to speak, and realized his mouth was dry. He wanted to blame the dust, but in truth he had not
been this terrified since he was a child. The world was falling away beneath his feet. He swallowed again.
“I can pay you double what they-” “It isn’t about the money. They know my address. We have history, but
they made it a pretty clear choice between you or me. And that is no choice at all.”

A dull roar filled the air. VTOLs. More than one, coming in from the south. “If it makes you feel any better, I
plan on naming the new Gear after you…”

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The most basic and simple kind of battlefield. Plain Terrain ranges from everyday meadows and outer space to outright
Boss Platforms™ . It is best described by its own lack of benefits or hindrances. Plain Terrain has no special rules.

Rocky and uneven hills, deserts that clog your Mecha’s joints with sand and strong currents that leave your giant robot
waist deep in water. These are all good examples of Difficult Terrain, known for how much it complicates the lives of those
trying to cross it. Units Halve their Speed while they are within Difficult Terrain.

Defensive Terrain is distinguished by having a lot of cover for Units, making it comparable to the Mecha equivalent of war
trenches. Examples of Defensive Terrain are most urban settings, deep jungles, and asteroid fields. Defensive Terrain
adds the entirety of the Test result to Defense when using the Maneuver Action. If you shield an Ally who is not in
Defensive Terrain themselves, they will not gain its benefits.

Extreme Terrain covers a variety of hazardous environs that are deadly to both people and giant robots. Examples of
Extreme Terrain include magnetics storm and erupting volcanoes. An Unit that begins or ends a Turn within Extreme
Terrain must roll a Mixed Systems and Speed Test against a DN of 10. Should they fail the Test, they then take the
amount they failed it by as Damage. If they begin and end a Turn within Extreme Terrain, each instance threatens them

The fifth basic type of Terrain represents things like skyscrapers or asteroids, things that you can use as cover but some-
times are also in the way. You may not move or shoot through Zones of Impassable Terrain. Most battlefields have
Impassable Terrain around the edges.

The Core

After all four Threshold Levels and their corresponding Areas have been Maimed, the Mecha’s Core ejects. The Core is
what holds the Mecha’s critical systems, such as the very Pilot riding it. Generally the Core is a cockpit with jets installed,
but the smaller Mecha have a suit of powered armor instead. Cores are somewhat well-protected and have access to the
most fundamental of the Mecha’s Upgrades, but it is recommended for the Pilot inside to retreat on the double at the time
of Ejection. In the case of a Pilotless Mecha such as an AI Unit or a giant monster there is no Core and they are complete-
ly destroyed.

The ejected Core still has Attributes, but they are all halved. It has no Threshold and no Weapons other than the default
ones to every Mecha. Damage dealt to the Core is also dealt to the Pilot. A Pilot may choose to Eject at any time before
their Action during their Turn, placing themselves 1 Zone away from their Mecha’s location. A Mecha without a Pilot can
still operate with its most basic AI, keeping half of its original Attributes, but is automatically disabled the moment it takes a
single point of Damage.

Pilots vs Mecha

Mecha trying to shoot hapless humans have it easy, they attack as normal but any Damage they would deal to a Pilot-
scale target is doubled. Pilots also make an Offensive Test as normal to strike at Mecha, but any Damage they would deal
is halved, furthermore Deathblow Traits have no effect on Mecha at all.

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Weapon Keywords

White arms in giant robot form. Melee Weapons are something of a misnomer, because plenty of them can be used to
strike foes at a distance, like the Rocket Punch. Melee Weapons gain an Advantage when used to Engage in a Duel
or against a target that is in one. They have a minimum Range of 0 and a Maximum Range of 1.

Encompassing all sorts of firearms as well as missile launchers and artillery devices. Shooting Weapons are the best
at striking from a distance taking a moment to adjust your sights. They have a minimum Range of 0 and a Maximum
Range of 5. When using the Aim Action with a Shooting Weapon, its Maximum Range increases by 5 and it gains
an additional Advantage.

Beam (X)
The energy-based equivalent of either of the above, Beam Weapons can be laser cannons or blades made of light. They
are harder to dodge and pierce the armor of targets much better than their more physical counterparts. Beam Weapons
grant an Advantage to the Might Test but have an Energy cost, noted between parentheses.

Some Weapons make really big explosions. Blast Weapons don’t attack an Enemy but instead target an individual
Zone and make a single Test against all targets within 3 Zones from it. Blasts do not differentiate between friend or
foe, but they will not cause you to attack yourself should you be within their blast radius, though you still have to deal with
any potential secondary effects.

Long-Range Weapons strike much farther than others. Increase the Weapon’s Maximum Range by an amount equal
to your Systems beyond the norm for other Melee or Shooting Weapons.

Techniques are special attacks stronger than normal, but are difficult to pull off and push the machine to its limits. Mecha
simply cannot handle using them often at full power, and most Enemies will see them coming after the first time they
fell for it. The first time you use a Technique during an Operation, it gains double the benefit from Tension to its
Might Test. All Techniques used beyond the first will treat Tension as 0 until the Operation is over.

Even if they don’t use Energy, many Weapons have limited uses. It may be that they eat all their ammo too fast, or that
they break on use. For whichever reason, it is One-Shot Weapons may be only fired once per Operation.

This Weapon cannot be fired continuously, maybe it is a thrown weapon that takes a while to return or it just reloads very
slowly. It may not be fired again if it was used until two Rounds have passed. That means it cannot be used two
Turns in a row, but may alternate firing between every other Turn.

The gun is unstable. It will not explode, but its harmful radiation will interfere with your fragile systems. If you keep a die
roll that results in an odd number when using this Weapon, you take an amount of Damage yourself equal to the
current Tension after using it.

This Weapon is inaccurate, prone to misfiring, or jams more often than you’d like. If you keep a die roll that results in an
odd number when using this Weapon, you halve the final amount of Damage you would have dealt with it.

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