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First of all I wish to thank Claudine, my wife.

Ever-attentive to my well-being, she has created a

home atmosphere conducive to my work. What is

more, she is the first to read what I have written

and her criticism is ofren helpful. My thanks also

go to my son, Ariel, who despite his busy life has

been teaching Claudine and me how to use a

This book could never have been assembled

were it not for the help of certain friends, who

gave us access to rare documents, allowed us to

photograph objects and helped us in our choices.

Jean-Philippe Marcovici, president of the 5997

Association, who organised the Freemasonry exhi-

bition at Tours (1997), allowed us to photograph

rare items from European collections which we

would never have gained access to without his

kind assistance. What is more, Jean-Philippe

opened the doors to us of the lodge where the

Demophiles meet. This temple, where I had the

honour of taking the floot, is a vital part of our

country's contemporary history and one of the

most beautiful buildings ever consecrated to the

work of the Freemasons. Thank you, Jean-

Philippe. Philippe Morbach is the Keeper of the

Museum of the Grande Loge de France. His exper-

tize and erudition are recognised and appreciated

throughout Europe. To these qualities must be

added his kindness and generosity. We are indebt-

ed to him for letting us see many extremely beau-

tiful and interesting documents and objects and

helping us make a selection. All our gratitude to

him. At the Grande Loge de France, we should

also like to thank Maurice Bonnefoy, the

archivist, Jonathan Gine and Fran\;ois Rognon,

the librarian, for their invaluable help. Paul

Gordot is the Keeper of the Museum of the Grand

Orient de France. He trUSted us with the treasures

he so carefully conserves and beaurifully displays

for the museum's many visitors. My thanks to him.

My thanks go also to Daniel Ribes, who entrusted

aprons and other items he had made to Laziz
Hamani. As director of the Editions Detrad-Avs

and maker of Masonic regalia, Daniel is always

helpful in his efforts to aid researchers and cre-

ators. Laziz Hamani, who took the photographs

published in this book, is my co-author because

the text and images reflect each other. Our work

together was an enjoyable experience. What

words can express his artistry? His skill and love of

beauty create a nobility of colour which is an hon-

our to us all. My thanks to him for this. Finally,

my gratitude to Marc-Alain Ouakriin, for intro-

ducing me to Martine and Prosper Assou"line, the

publishers of this remarkable series of books.

Laziz Hamani would like to thank Jonathan

Kluger for his invaluable help in producing these

images, and Philippe Sebirot for rhe direction

which he gave to this book. Thanks to Daniel

Delisle of the Studio Prumelle, to Paulette and

Jean-Pierre Rolland of Tours and to Daniel

Beresniak for his incomparable way of explaining

things with simplicity and warmth.

Finally, the editor would like to thank

Peter Bloch for his kind assistance in providing

documentation for this English adaptation of the

original French publication, and John Hamill of

the United Grand Lodge, London, for his invalu-

able advice and for so generously sparing his time

to read through the English manuscript.


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