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3 User Class and Prespectives

Characterstics : There are various uses of this software ..

At first glance, price-comparison websites are an example of capitalism at its best. Savvy consumers can

use them to hunt down the best available deal for insurance, loan and lifetime policies Firms providing

such items, terrified of losing customers, feel an obligation to improve their offerings all the time. But

recent theory and practice suggest the reality is more complex: comparison sites are simultaneously

friends and foes of competition..No need to stand in large queues and wait for turn .

Users: are simply members of the general public with no special training.

Administrators: must be experienced network administrators, to be able to update new features to the

2.4 Operating Enviornment

The hardware, software and technology used should have following specifications:

 Ability to maintain the confidientiality

 Ability to differntiate the currency

 Ability to validate user
 Search result must be available to user within notime
 Should not be distractive
 Should not contain irrelevant content
 User friendly
 Regular update
 Most secure
 Resources must be equally available to all users
 Credentials must not be shared
 Search information must not be disclosed

2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints

 Login

 Account Info / Account Session

Validate User Account

 Firstly validate that username must exsist in the database

 Validate that username must be entered valid

 Validate that password must be valid and consistent

 Validate that username/password must not be blank .

Validate Account Info

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 Validate that if account is not expired

 Continously validate the session of user .

2.6 Assumptions and Dependencies

 Hardware never fails

 Software is unbreachable

 Limited number of transactions per day (sufficient paper for receipts)

 Limited amount of comparisons per day (sufficient information)

 Contain enough information to compare products

3 . Specific Requirments

3.1 Functional Requirments

Functional requirements of this software are organised in very simple and easy way . Need to pass the
value at the run time . All the processes are done dynamically .

Functional Requirements 1

 Description : Initial Display ( Home Screen )

 Input : Select the parameters form dropdown Lists and Search (without Login)

 Processing : Execute a query at the backend

 Output : Display the result .
 Authorization : NONE

Functional Requirements 2

 Description : Initial Display ( Home Screen )

 Input : Enter u_name and u_pass

 Processing : Check if the username and password entered is valid or not. If valid
result=success else result = failure

 Output : Display the result .
 Authorization : starts after the customer entered the details

Functional Requirements 3




If the result is failure
Home Screen with error prompt .

Functional Requirements 4

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