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TitleChangeable: How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at Home, at School, and at Work
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Table of Contents
                            Advance Praise for CHANGEABLE
Title Page
Author’s Note
	An Everyday Alternative to “Tough Love”
	Smart, Not “Soft”
CHAPTER ONE: Skill, Not Will
	Get Out of Line, Do the Time
	Learning from a “Bad” Kid
	The Real Reason People Don’t Do What We Want
	Paradigm Shift
	Seeing Challenging Behavior as a Learning Disability
	From Problem Child to Class President
CHAPTER TWO: The Science Behind Challenging Behavior
	Probing the Sources of Bad Behavior
	Tracking the Skills
	Language and Communication Skills: The Meaning of “I Don’t Give a Shit”
	Attention and Working Memory Skills: Secrets of a Messy Office
	Emotion and Self-regulation Skills: Why Gym Class Doesn’t Work
	Flexible Thinking Skills: When Learning About Pirates Isn’t So Much Fun
	Social Thinking Skills: Why Jeff in Accounting Tells Too Many Jokes
	Charting the Deficits
	What Getting up to Go to Work Really Entails
CHAPTER THREE: Discipline Gone Awry
	“I Wish We’d Never Had Him”
	On Track to Fail
	Discipline and Punish—and Pay
	Massive Societal Ramifications
	Enough of Plan A
	Plan B Isn’t “Soft”
	Applying Plan B
	Understand a Problem in Order to Solve It
	Skill Building with Plan B
	Remember the Good Inside
CHAPTER FIVE: Parenting 2.0
	A Proven Method
	Overcoming the Myth of Consistency
	More Compassion for Challenging Kids— and Their Parents
	Helping “Regular” Kids to Thrive
	Driven to Succeed
	Relating Better with “Typical” Kids
	Plan B for Parents: A Brief Primer
	Raising the Next Generation
CHAPTER SIX: Transforming Workplaces
	Trouble at Work
	Employees Change If They Are Able
	You’re Not Too Busy to Solve Problems Collaboratively
	Holding Better Meetings
	Rethinking How We Do Business
	Solving Problems When You’re Not the Boss
CHAPTER SEVEN: Getting Along Better in Daily Life
	Seeing Yourself Differently
	Thinking Skills Inventory (TSI)
	Changing How We See Others
	Solving Problems When the Relationship Is Power Neutral
	Plan B: There When You Need It
	CPS and the Wider World
	No More Hurting People
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