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                            Rise of consumer Awareness
	Rights and Duties of Consumers
	Consumer protection Measure
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Children can be taught to shop wisely and a few simple precautions will ensure that they
choose the right product at the right price. It is but natural that parents wish the best for
their children, and strive hard to fulfil their demands. But this is not always a good idea
as it affects both the parents and children in a negative way in the long run.

Consumer education also involves environmental education as it deals with the
importance of conserving (natural resources) and sustaining (recycling and reusing) the
environment, including the direct health effects of environmental pollution and toxic
products on consumers.

Schools must incorporate consumer education into school curricula as it is important to
impart the practical skills and critical ability needed to cope with social and economic

Anyone who consumes goods is a consumer. Consumers get exploited in the market.
They respond to advertisements and buy goods. Generally advertisements do not give all
the information that a consumer needs t know or wants to know about a product.

Consumer awareness is making the consumer aware of His/Her rights.
Consumer awareness it a marketing term. It means that consumers note or are aware of
products or services, its characteristics and the other marketing P's (place to buy, price,
and promotion).

Usually commercials and ads increase consumer awareness, as well as "word of mouth"
(a comment from someone you know about a product or service).

1 Need :
we need it so we will not be misled by producers,it explains if what we buy is worth to
our money..and not harmful to us and to environment .

Many people are ignorant of their rights to get protected against the exploitation by so
many others. So when there is a forum for such redress of grievances there seems to be
no such exploitation by many; and becomes a rare one. So in order to get a clear picture
of the level of exploitation of consumers, the awareness is required.

2. Role of producers
proper labeling, full information, health warnings, handling information, expiration date,
etc. keep to requirements, norms, standards label products according requirements,
providing true facts They have to produce and deliver the goods/services of right quality
at right price at right time at right place at right quantity with right face

If they are providing a service they should carry it out with due skill and care. They must
also make sure that any materials they provide as part of this service are fit for the

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