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Chapter 14
It's in the Geometry, Stupid!

6 pointed star above Ed's bathtub

When I was in college, I took a physics class that had a particularly interesting lab that involved

a metal plate, sand, and frequencies with equivalent audible tones.

Based on the work of various scientists including Hans Jenny and Ernst Chladni, in a science

that Jenny coined Cymatics, you can see how sound can affect physical matter in a geometric


You can click here to see a video of how sound affects matter in geometric patterns.

In the experiment, the metal plate was hooked up to a device that made the vibrations and the

vibrations were made audible so that you could hear and see as the sound changed octaves and

different geometric patterns formed in the sand.

Each time that the sound levels went up to the next octave, an almost instantaneous change

occurred in the sand on the plate. The geometric pattern became more complex as the sound

increased in frequency.

This experiment showed me that sound, vibration, frequency, and geometry were all directly

related. It also showed me that vibration or frequency could affect physical matter in a

geometric way.

Referring back to the geometric proof of Phi and its relationship to hyperdimensional physics, if

vibrational frequencies induced a geometric change in physical matter, then you must ask the

opposing question:

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Coral Castle Explained 2006-2013 © All Rights Reserved


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