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                            PRELIMINARY CHAPTER
The principle of Adherence of Jurisdiction means that once jurisdiction is vested in the court, it is retained up to the end of the litigation.  It remains with the court until the case is finally terminated.  The exception to this is where
 What is the jurisdiction of Regional Trial Courts in criminal cases?
 Which court has jurisdiction over a complex crime?
	 Can the offended party go directly to court to file a criminal action?
 Why should a complaint or information be in the name of the People of the Philippines?
 Why should the complaint or information be in writing?
 If the complaint is not sworn to by the offended party, is it void?
 Who must prosecute criminal actions?
 To whom should you appeal the decision of the prosecutor?
 Is the prosecutor required to be physically present in the trial of a criminal case?
 After the case is filed in court, to whom should a motion to dismiss be addressed?
 Where should a motion for reinvestigation be filed?
Due Process
Presumption of Innocence
Right of Confrontation
Right to Appeal, When Allowed

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