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The Cure For All Cancers

Including Over 100 Case
Histories of Persons Cured

Plus two revolutionary electronic circuits,
one to diagnose and monitor progress,
the other to zap parasites and bacteria!

Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D.

New research findings show there is a single
cause for all cancers. This book provides exact
instructions for their cure.

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Two weeks later
Kidney Stones (ALL) NO
Antimony (Toxic Element) YES

Stop after-shave
Thulium (Toxic Element) YES at prostate and stomach

Go off her brand of vitamin C.
Cat liver fluke, Ascaris (Parasites) YES
Fasciolopsis (Parasite) YES at liver and colon

Must check for cancer. Start parasite program. He will stop hand
lotion (has antimony) and use ours.

Ortho-phospho-tyrosine (Cancer) YES at prostate

Two months later
Fasciolopsis (Parasite) NO

Onto maintenance parasite program, 2 times/week.
Thulium, Palladium, Rhenium (Toxic Elements) YES at

bone marrow and prostate
Palladium and rhenium possibly in gold crowns. He did not get
crowns replaced. He will go off his vitamin C and switch to Bron-
son's brand.

Five weeks later
Loa Loa, Strongyloides, Chilomastix, Trichinella

(Parasites) YES
Fasciolopsis cercaria (Parasite) YES
Antimony, Thulium (Toxic Elements) NO

Will stay on parasite maintenance program.

One week later
He had a medical check-up 2 weeks ago. Dermatologist says he is
OK, doesn't have skin cancer.

Calcium Phosphate (Kidney Stone) YES
Increase milk consumption. Take vitamin. D (1000 u, 3/day). De-
crease phosphate (breads, meat).

Asbestos (Toxic Element) YES, high
Will test house air and water.

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Sheep liver fluke, Pancreatic fluke (Parasites) YES
He is eating rare-cooked beef, but will stop. He will eat only fish
and seafood in restaurants. He is still using commercial shaving
products with propanol. He will switch to an electric shaver.

One month later
Fasciolopsis (Parasite) YES at one side of liver
Fasciolopsis eggs (Parasite) YES at blood and prostate
Ortho-phospho-tyrosine (Cancer) NO

Note: He is just beginning to develop adult flukes in the liver but
O.P.T. (cancer test) is not yet positive. He will stay on parasite
program and not eat beef.

Silver, Uranium, Palladium, Platinum (Toxic Elements)

Needs crowns out.

Five weeks later (six months one week after first visit)
Fasciolopsis and all stages (Parasite) NO

He is strictly on maintenance parasite program.
Summary: Edward took many risks and one could say that he had

poor compliance, but due to his wife's persistence, he returned many
times, making a little progress each time. After his pains were gone and
his clinical doctor said he was free of skin cancer, he lost interest in
improving his health. Hopefully, his wife is keeping a watch over his
shampoo and shaving products to avoid propanol. She can do nothing
about his eating habits in restaurants. Edward is one of the rare cases
where the fluke adult is already present in the liver, and yet there is no
cancer marker, ortho-phospho-tyrosine, being produced. Perhaps an
additional stage, besides eggs, is necessary, since reproduction is the
parasites' objective.

Loreen Pennell Lymphoma
This 60 year old woman reported 3 main problems: 1) She had

cancer (lymphoma) 3½ years ago. Recently, she developed a lump in the
neck at her left lymph node. She had 12 chemotherapies. The lump was
removed and tested POSITIVE to lymphoma. Her last test three months
ago appeared normal. She had a CAT scan yesterday. 2) She has a sleep
problem. 3) She has had arthritis in her right hip for 1 to 2 years.

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About this electronic book:
The Cure For All Cancers (1998 revised edition)

While creating this electronic version of The Cure For All Cancers, I
encountered some inconsistencies and (small) errors in it. Below
follows an overview.

Niels Willems, April 2003.
c o n t a c t @ n i e l s w i l l e m s . o r g

w w w . n i e l s w i l l e m s . o r g

Page Line Hard copy Electronic version
Ackn. 6 these HIV/AIDS patients (cancer patients?, not corrected)
32 18, 28 granulosis granulosus
32 22 night might
33 8 granulosis granulosus
40 1 “isopropyl alcohol, “isopropyl alcohol”,
61 24 interleuken interleukin
72 2 .If . If
141 28 TCEthylene– TCEthylene –
151 1 Deodorant“ Deodorant”
183 6 furniture"treated" furniture "treated"
184 last refigerators refrigerators
197 8 (100X) (100x)
222 31 Norcardia Nocardia
224 23 Cryptocotyl Cryptocotyle
227 8 Ann Wigsmore Ann Wigmore
232 2 bee pollen He bee pollen. He
237 5 copy machine We copy machine. We
249 last-4 fever? ), fever?),
252 15 She brought her blood test... (font size corrected)
262 12 2 states away 2 states away.
262 20 Dientameoba Dientamoeba
282 16 .] ( ']' not corrected)
296 last-6 Dientameoba Dientamoeba
297 17 Fischeodrius, Dientameoba Fischoedrius, Dientamoeba
306 8 bone marrrow bone marrow
308 3 Vit. D (50,000 ( '(' not corrected)

Page 662

311 last-7 bones She bones. She
313 13 SeasoningTM SeasoningsTM
380 13 BLOOD TEST… (changed to bold)
406 5 Cryptocotyl Cryptocotyle
419 last-7 The baby has… (font size corrected)
426 22 Norcardia Nocardia
429 11 Norcardia Nocardia
444 last-4 Clostridum Clostridium
445 19, 26 Fishoedrius Fischoedrius
449 26 Vanadium(Toxic) Vanadium (Toxic)
479 last-7 Method: move the… (indentation corrected)
520 last-1 ChloroxTM CloroxTM
524 9 Paradiclorobenzene Paradichlorobenzene
525 3 chang-, chang-
525 8 Corynebacterium diptheriae Corynebacterium diphtheriae
525 35 RNA to DNA, RNA to DNA.
538 last-5 with a alligator with an alligator
558 last-1 Drop a carton… (indentation, not corrected)
560 9 Bring all to a boil… (indentation, corrected)
586 15- So the first thing… (indentation, corrected)
592 29 Althea officinallis Althea officinalis
index (aspartic acid) 604 603
index (biotin) 124 167, 604
index (breast cancer, colon, colon cancer,

gene, lung, lung cancer, pancreatic
cancer, smoking)

not on page "2" (not on
numbered page)

index (cayenne) not on page 119, 120
index (cloves, fenugreek, flour, garlic,

goldenseal, maple syrup, millet, soy)
not on page 118

index (condom) not on page 155
index denture / dentures denture (same)
index (dermatron) 460 459
index (DNA, RNA) 90 91
index (foot) not on page 458
index (iodine) 606 605
index (lard) not on page 196
index (lead) 461 460
index (lecithin, parsley, peanut butter,

quassia, vitamin C)
not on page 118, 120

index (phenol, taurine, thioctic acid) 607 606

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