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7.123 Whenever, the officer is a State Guest, i. e., when the expenses for his
accommodation and meals, etc., are paid for by another Government or International
organisation the daily allowance admissible will be 30% of the normal rate at the station

7.124 During the transit by air if an over-night journey is involved, the daily allowance
shall be admissible at 30% of the rate of the daily allowance. At the outward journey daily
allowance will be allowed for each day of transit at the rate of 30% of the daily allowance
admissible at the next place of duty. On return journey 30% of daily allowance will be
allowed for each day of transit at the rates admissible at the place where he last stayed on

7.125 In the absence of specific orders to the contrary officials or non-officials
accompanied by wives will receive charges only for single accommodation. Anything extra
will be paid by the person concerned.

7.126 The actual expenditure incurred abroad on incidental items like tips, taxi hire and
porterage, etc., at the place of halt will be reimbursed to the person concerned upto a
maximum of 15% of the rate of daily allowance admissible at that station. This will not be
admissible to those Government servants who are treated State Guests.

7.127 The extra amount spent by a Government servant proceeding abroad on the
purchase of foreign exchange in the form of Travellers Cheques equivalent to the amount of
daily allowance in U. S. Dollars against the advance of daily allowance sanctioned to him,
shall be reimbursed on production of necessary receipt.

7.128 The daily allowance in Pakistan rupees will be calculated on the basis of selling
rates applicable to U. S. Dollar in cash or travellers cheques on the date of purchase as
notified by the State Bank of Pakistan. Original receipt from the Bank from which foreign
exchange has been purchased will be attached with the T. A. Bill.

Terms Admissible to civil servants proceeding abroad to participate in Seminars and
symposia, etc

7.129 The civil servants deputed abroad for participation in symposia, seminars, study
tours and the like are normally provided board and lodging by the sponsoring foreign
Governments and agencies at their expense, but no cash payment is made to meet out-of-
pocket expenses. Some time the facilities provided are net adequate and suitable Government
subsidy is necessary. Such cases should be regulated as indicated below:--

S.No Facility Offered Government Subsidy.

1. Board plus lodging. 30% of the normal rate of daily allowance
prescribed for the station concerned.

2. Board plus lodging and cash

Nothing if cash payment is equal to 30% of
normal rate of daily allowance or more. If cash
payment offered is less than 30% of daily the
difference between 30% and such cash

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3. Furnished accommodation
(including water, electric
Gas, washing facilities).

50% of the normal rate of daily allowance.

4. Cash payment plus lodging
but no board

50% of the normal rate of daily allowance less
cash payment offered.

5. Cash payment plus board
but no lodging.

80% of daily allowance less cash payment

6. No board, or lodging or
cash payment.

Full daily allowance (as at present).

7. Cash payment but not board
or lodging.

Full daily allowance less cash payment offered.

8. Free transport (normally to
be met out of cash payment
with or without any other

10% to be deducted from the admissible
amount (as above) of daily allowance.

[M/o Finance O. M No F. 3(2)-R-10/76-950 dated 31-3-1977].

7.130 The payment of subsidy will be subject to the following conditions:--

(i) All cases of participation in seminars abroad in which financial liability of
Government of Pakistan in terms of Finance Division's O. M. No. F. 3(2) R-10/76-958, dated
31st March, 1977 is involved will be sent to Cabinet Division after obtaining prior clearance
of the Finance Division (Regulations Wing).

(ii) Cabinet Division may incorporate in their clearance/sanction the condition of
admissibility or otherwise of difference of daily allowance while according Government's no
objection to the proposed participation.

(iii) No difference of daily allowance will be allowed on return of an officer after
participation in seminars etc. abroad.

(iv)The AGPR/State Bank of Pakistan will not allow payment on account of
difference of D. A. unless the claim is backed up by specific clearance from Finance

[M/o Finance O. M No. F. 3(15) R-10/850, dated 4-2-1987. ]


7.131 A Government servant ceases to draw the pay and allowances of his post from
the date of his dismissal or removal from service.


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