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If the angles in the pentagram were Hz frequencies, you would have the first three harmonics

of the highly composite number 36 (36 – 72 – 108). The number 108 (36 x 3) seems to have

been an especially popular measure for a long time in many places: the outer circle of stones at

Stonehenge is about 108 feet in diameter, the Vatican occupies 108 acres of land, the Yogis,

Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and even some Catholics have strings of 108 prayer beads , and in

Japan the Buddhist temples sound a bell 108 times at the end of each year to remind them of

each of the 108 evils that man must overcome to attain enlightenment.

According to modern day measures, the distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the

diameter of the Sun, and the distance from the Earth to the moon is 108 times the diameter of

the moon. Add that to the information below and I can’t help but scratch my head…

(All of these are very closely approximated but not exact numbers)

Moon's diameter = 2160 miles / Sun's diameter = 864000 miles.

Moons radius 1080 miles / Suns radius = 432000 miles.

43200 seconds = 720 minutes = 12 hours = half rotation of earth.

86400 seconds = 1440 minutes = 24 hours = full rotation of earth.

Earth takes 72 years = 864 months to move through one degree of arc in the precession of the


Earth takes 2160 years = 25920 months to move through one zodiacal age.

Earth takes 25920 years to move through all 12 zodiacal ages, or one precession of equinoxes.

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