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                            Standard Operating Procedures
A. 500, ON SPEED, SINK _____
 500 feet above minimums.
 Deviations of 10 knots or more will be called out as SPEED PLUS ___, SPEED MINUS ___, etc.
 Descent rate will be called out as a single number closest to the nearest hundred such as SINK SEVEN for a 700 fpm descent.  Momentary sink rates in excess of 1000 feet per minute must be corrected immediately.  If sink rate is consistently in exces...
 100 feet above minimums
 Precision:  Pilot flying will maintain glideslope and mentally prepare for go-around.
 Aircraft may only continue as long as (ref. FAR 91.175):
o Aircraft is continuously in a position to land using normal maneuvers.
o Required visibility is met.
o If any of the above criteria are lost at any point, a go around to missed approach must be accomplished.
o Aircraft may only continue to 100 feet above touchdown until runway, red terminating bar, or red side row bars are visible.
o This situation only has two outcomes, RUNWAY IN SIGHT, GO VISUAL or GO AROUND.
 PF will adjust scan to acquire the runway environment visually.
 Airspeed should be 120 knots from the approach when visual contact occurs then gradually reduced to VREF over the runway threshold.
 The PF will immediately execute a go around and transition to the missed approach.
 Either pilot may call for a go around at any point.  The result will be the immediate execution of the go around.  If there is any question as to the reason for the go around, it will be discussed later when workload permits.
A.  Identifying the proper procedure
B. Navigation Frequencies
C. Bearing Pointers
D. Final Approach Course
E. Initial  and Final Altitudes
F. Reported Weather
G. Runway Conditions
H. Missed Approach Procedure
I. Flap Setting
J. V Speeds
 Cross the runway threshold at VREF.
 Touchdown with power levers reducing to FLT IDLE.
 Aircraft will touchdown within the first third of the runway or go around.
 Flight crew will not attempt to go around once power levers are placed in reverse.

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