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1. Introduction


This document is to describe all the software requirement specification
(SRS) for the Clinic-O-Sight (COS). The system aims to help the patients to
take appointment online through internet and track their records through
it.Polyclinic has been facing problems due to its paper-based appointment
system. With the increase in the number of patients visiting, it has become
difficult to manage the appointment system manually.The purpose of this
project is to solve these complications by creating custom-built database
software to manage the appointment system. For the receptionist it
makes easy to set date and time for the treatment of the patient to the
relevant doctor.Doctor enters medical prescription and receptionist takes
the print.It also helps to maintain doctor’s consultation fee, Laboratories and
Testing charges automatically. And maintaining the employee salary and
its expenses.

1.2 Document Conventions

When writing this document it was inherited that all requirements have the
different priority levels. The levels of authentication are provided in four
different aspects i.e. The Admin, the Receptionist, The Doctors and The

1.3 Intended Users and Reading Suggestions

 Developers:in order to be sure they are developing the right
project that fulfills requirements provided in this document.

 Testers:in order to have an exact list of the features and functions
that has to respond according to requirements and provided

 Users:in order to get familiar with the idea of the project and
suggest other features that would make it even more functional.

 Documentation writers:to know what features and in what way
they have to explain. What security technologies are required, how
the system will response in each user’s action etc.

 Admin, Receptionist, Doctors and patients: in order to know
exactly what they have to expect from the system, right inputs and
outputs and response in error situations.

1.4 Project Scope

The system has been facing problems due to its paper-based appointment
system. With the increase in the number of patients visiting, it has
become difficult to manage the appointment system manually. Recording

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of appointments and creating registers by pen and paper has become a
tedious task. And also its difficult to manage huge number of patient

The COS web-application gives solution to the polyclinic patients and
employees. This system which manages complete polyclinic details in a
single application and in a single database.The users will use this system
to handle all the functionalities easily. Doctors will also use the system to
keep track of the patients consulting to them.The intentions of the system
are to reduce over-time pay and increase the number of patients that can
be treated accurately.Requirements statements in this document are both
functional and non-functional.

1.3 References

Books : An Integrated Approach Software Engineering 3rd Edition by

Website :

2. Overall Description

2.1 Product Perspective
Product perspective is essentially the relationship of the product to the other
products, defining if the product is independent or is part of a larger product
(dependent), and what the principal interfaces of the product are.
This software is totally independent system that manages activities of the
COS as taking appointments, generating patient reports, personnel
management and administrative issues.
In this project all the records are stored in single database. Different users
have different permission to access this web application. Each user has
unique id. If any data is lost user is having option to recovery. User’s don’t
have right to alter records after particular time period and also it is not
having option to alter other patient records.

2.2 Product Features

 Authentication for different users.
 Real-time validation of all fields and database to prevent errors.
 Printing of prescription, certificate.
 History of patients recorded in database.
 Maintaining the billing section of the polyclinic.
 Maintains the salary and expenses.

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