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Tibetan Elemental Astrology
(Ancient Tibetan Wisdom to Lighten Our Path of Progress
and GUide Our future)

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Tibetan Elernental Astrology

Same-Metal (ifthe key element and birth element
same, the body element is Metal). are

For exa~ple, jfthe key element is ~etal and yOur birth
element IS Wood, check the relatIOnship of Metal t
Wood, which is a mend relationship. The friend OfMeta~
is Wood. Sinc~ it is the mend relatio~shipthen the body
element (lus) IS FIRE. If the relatIOn is Mother, tbe
element is Wood. If the relation is chi ld, the element is
Water. If the relation is friend, the element is Fire. Ifthe
relation is foe, the element is Earth. Ifboth are same
element - the element is Metal.

Another way of finding body element (lus). In the case
of persons born in the Tiger, Rabbit, Bird and Monkey,
one can calcuhite from the Water.

It is calculated from the Wood element in the case of
persons born in the Ox, Sheep, Horse and Mouse year.
In the case of person born in the Dog, Dragon, Pig and
Snake year, one can calculated from the Metal element.


Start from your key element (let's say Tiger, the key
element of Tiger is Water), put the Metal (key element)
on it and stop at your birth element. Place the elements
the actual element, i.e. Wood On thumb, Fire on

How to find your life force, body, wealth. luck & life soul

forefinger, Earth on middle finger, Metal on ring finger
and Water on little finger.
Take an example, a person born in 1972 whose animal
sign is Water Mouse. Since the key element of Mouse
is Wood. So, count from the Wood element, put METAL
on Wood, WATER on Fire, FIRE on Earth, EARTH on
Metal and WOOD on Water (stop here because his/her
birth element is Water). So hislher body (Ius) is Wood.

Metal Tiger

Metal Rabbi
Earth Dragon

Earth Snake

Water Horse
Water Sheet:
Iron Monkey

Metal Bird

Earth Dog

Earth Pig

~ater Mouse

Water Ox

Table no. 10
Body element

Fire Earth Metal

Fire Tiger Earth Tiger Water Tiger

Fire Rabbit Earth Rabbit Water Rabbit

Wood Dragor Fire Dragon Metal Dragon

Wood Snake Fire Snake Metal Snake

Earth Horse Metal Horse Wood Horse

Earth Sheep Metal Sheep Wood Sheep

Fire Monkey Earth Monke Water Monkey

Fire Bird Earth Bird Water Bird

Wood Dog Fire Dog Metal Dog

Wood Pig Fire Pig Metal Pig

Earth MOllse ~etal Mouse lWood Mouse

Earth Ox Metal Ox Wood Ox



\Vood Tiger

Wood Rabbi

Water Dragon

Water Snake

Fire Horse
fire Sheep

IW ood Monkey
Wood Bird

Water Dog

Water Pig

Fire Mouse

fire Ox:

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Tibetan Elemental Astrology

Power (dbang tI,ang):

The power element is the same as the element that rules
the year.

To do this, it is necessary to have at least some idea of
the animal cycles as defined by the Tibetan Calendar.
The 12 animal sign are always combined with the five
elements. Each element rules for two years in succession.
Combining the twelve animals and the five elements gives
rise to a cycle of 60 years, called 'Logan Dugchu' or
sixty year cycle. In this cycle each of the twelve animals
appear five times, each time coupled with different

For example, 2002 is a Water Horse year. Therefore a
child born this year would be Water Horse and their
power element (wangthang) would be the Water.

The power (wangthang) element of a child born in 2003
(Water Sheep), or in 2004 (Wood Monkey year) would
be Water and Wood respectively.


How to find your life force. body, wealth. luck & life soul






Table no. 11
Wangthang (Power)

Mouse Dog
Ox Pig
Horse Dragon
Sheep Snake
Tiger Mouse
Rabbit Ox

Monkey Horse
Bird Sheep
Dragon Tiger
Snake Rabbit

Monkey Horse

Pig Bird

Horse Dragon

Sheep Snake
Mouse Dog

Ox Pig
Monkey Horse

Bird Sheep

Tiger Mouse

Rabbit Ox










Pig --

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Tibetan Elemental Astrology

Excerpts from Letters Send to
the Author

UThank you very much for the horoscope. I enjoyed
reading it and hope that it will be a good guide for
my living years. My character is very close to that
one, that you read out of the stars. H

Nernberg, GERMANY

"Thank you so much for your assistance! I received
the astrology chart the other day, and its news made
me so happy. "

-Bridget A. Llanes
Vancouver, CANADA

"Since I began wearing your amulet my health has
improved quit fast. 1 am now spending a lot of time-
out of bed though I cannot walk very far yet. Thank
you a million times! "


-Colin Graham

Excerpts from letters send to the Author

"Thank you for completing my horoscope reading.
Almost all of the reading is very true and accurate. "

-Sandra Lee Tatum
Santa Fe, USA

"Thank you for my chart. You will be happy to know
that all the events you mentioned in my earlier years
match up!"

-Krissy Picoli
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

"I bet soon you will be the most known internationally
Tibetan astrologer. Tibetan culture is getting very
popular in the West, especially in European countries.
So the first people who would be able to introduce
the subject are very important. I wish you a .l~t of
inspiration on this way and a lot of professIOnal
success! Thank you so much for the beginners course
and I would like to continue with the advance

course. "


--Gilles Deniau
Venezia. ITALY

Page 125

TibefOlI Elemelltal Astrology

"I appreciate ),our wonderful message to me. I will
make an effort 10 do my best in the future . ..

- Tomoyuki Yamashita
Shimoda City, J AP AN

"I was recommended by afriend and she spoke very
highly of you. I would like for you (0 give me a
reading. "

-Francine Putnam

.. There are many astrologer on the world and I also
have friends in France, but 1 always heard that
Tibetan Astrology was very good, and 1 have also
been told by Christopher (whom you did chart) that
what you told him was very relevant. I therefore told
myself that I should not loose contact with you . ..

-Alexandre Neol-

Author offering a tradilional scarf to all the
Tibetan Astrology semillar participants all the

closing ceremony (291h Jam/ary. 2001).
which was held at Ma/lripa COlliemplative Celltre.

Melbollme. AUSTRALIA

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