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Technical Brief

QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0

January, 2014

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2 | QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0

Table of contents

About the QlikView Governance Dashboard 3

What’s new since Beta 2? 4

Summary sheet 4

File details 5

QVW overview 6

Application complexity 6

Single QVW detail 7

Sheet objects and expressions 8

Sheets & objects 8

Expressions 9


Statistics 11

Data Lineage 15

References 16

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8 | QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0

Sheet Objects and Expressions

The Sheet Objects and Expressions sheet provides an inventory of expressions, object types,
labels and variables used overall or for a selected QlikView application. It is separated into two

Sheets & objects

Sheets & Objects provides a summary of all the object types used within all or selected QlikView
applications that are available in the QVGD scanning path. These objects include charts, variables,
labels and their definitions. This sheet may be helpful when defining QlikView development best
practices by analyzing various objects used in QlikView applications. Let’s say that there is a large
usage of bar and pie charts. This may indicate a training and education issue as those responsible
for QlikView development may not be familiar with how or when to use other types of chart
objects to visualize data.

Figure 6. Sheets and objects – depicting a summary of object types used

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QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0 | 9


The Expressions sub-sheet allows for the recognition of redundant column labels and
expressions that are used across all the QlikView applications. Here one can identify what and
where expressions are being used and what labels they are associated with or vice versa. This
can identify areas to help reduce redundancy and introduce consistency and conformance.

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Figure 7. Distribution of expressions and labels and variables

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