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The #1 New York Times best-selling au-
thor Wayne Dyer has been inspiring people
to change their lives for many years. Now
three of his most fascinating books are col-
lected in this single volume:

• The Power of Intention details Wayne’s
research on intention as a force in the
universe that allows the act of cre-
ation to take place. He explains that it
is not something we do, but rather an
energy we’re a part of. This is the � rst
book to look at intention as a � eld of
energy that we can access to begin
co-creating our lives.

• Inspiration dissects feelings of emp-
tiness, the idea that there must be
something more, and trying to de-
termine the meaning of life . . . all
evidence of a yearning to reconnect
with our soul space. This book ex-
plains how we’ve chosen to enter this
world of particles and form, and each
chapter is � lled with speci� cs for liv-
ing an inspired life. From a very per-
sonal viewpoint, Wayne offers a blue-
print through the world of Spirit to
inspiration, our ultimate calling.

• Excuses Begone! reveals how to change
the self-defeating thinking patterns
that have prevented us from living
at the highest levels of success, hap-
piness, and health. Wayne presents
many of the conscious and subcon-
scious crutches most of us employ,
along with ways to cast them aside
once and for all. The old, habituated
ways of thinking will melt away as
the absurdity of hanging on to them
is exposed, and we ultimately come
to realize that there are no excuses
worth defending—ever.

The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection is a
must-read for those wanting to explore the
power and potential of the human mind, as
well as anyone who is � nally ready to live the
best life possible!

USA/CAN $29.95
Publisher’s Price Higher in Other Countries

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is an internationally
renowned author and speaker in the � eld of
self-development. He’s the author of more than
40 books, has created many audio programs
and videos, and has appeared on thousands of
television and radio shows. His books Manifest
Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiri-
tual Solution to Every Problem, and The New York
Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner
Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, Change
Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, Excuses Be-
gone! and Wishes Ful� lled have all been featured
as National Public Television specials.

Wayne holds a doctorate in educational
counseling from Wayne State University and
was an associate professor at St. John’s Univer-
sity in New York.



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This one volume includes the international bestsellers

















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For my mother, Hazel Irene Dyer.
You inspire me—

thank you, thank you, thank you!

For Immaculée Ilibagiza.
You could never even imagine

how much better off this world is
because you were “left to tell.”

I love you.

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I LoVe BeInG InsPIReD, and I trust that the idea of living
an inspired life appeals to you as well. I’ve written this book with
the paramount idea of showing you what I’ve learned about this
magical concept.
Writing this book has been a transcendent experience for me.
For many months I awoke every morning at approximately 3:30,
and after spending my own personal, private moments with God,
I sat down to write. Every word of this book was written out long-
hand. I’d place my hand on the table and allow the ideas to fl ow
from the invisible world of Spirit through my heart and onto the
pages. I know deep within me that I do not own these words—I’m
merely an instrument through which these ideas are expressed. I
trust in this process, and it works as long as I remain “in-Spirit”
while I write. I also trust that these ideas will work for you.
This is the most personal book I’ve written in my 35 years as


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an author. I’ve chosen to use examples from my own life—that is,
those I’ve experienced firsthand. The personal nature of this book is
a deliberate choice. I discovered as I went along that, in order to write
about such a deeply felt subject as inspiration, I needed to convey
what I felt as authentically as possible. Just as one can never actually
know what a mango tastes like from another person’s description, I
wouldn’t have been able to adequately convey my familiarity with
the experience of inspiration by citing case studies of others. By writ-
ing from my heart, I’ve been able to keep the flavor of inspiration
alive here in these pages.
(By the way, if you’re interested in why I appear on the cover
of this book looking blissfully at a butterfly, read the final chapter,
“How Life Looks When I Am Inspired.” As I was finishing this
work, I had an incredible mystical encounter with one of God’s
most fragile creations. In the last chapter I’ve described that aston-
ishing experience, along with what your life might begin to look
like if you apply the insights offered throughout Inspiration.)
I’m also well aware that I’ve repeated one theme over and over
throughout these pages. I decided not to edit out this repetition
because I see this book as an instrument for moving you to a place
where you truly understand what it means to be in-Spirit. This
oft-repeated theme is: Live in-Spirit. You came from Spirit, and to be
inspired you must become more like where you came from. You must live
so as to become more like God.
One of my favorite mentors and storytellers, Anthony de Mello,
was a Catholic priest who lived in India and could convert complex
philosophical issues into understandable and simple teachings using
the art of storytelling. Here’s a short tale from The Heart of the Enlight-
ened, in which Father de Mello does such a good job of summing up
much of what I want to convey to you about living in-Spirit:

The devotee knelt to be initiated into discipleship. The guru
whispered the sacred mantra into his ear, warning him not to
reveal it to anyone.
“What will happen if I do?” asked the devotee.
Said the guru, “Anyone you reveal the mantra to will be

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liberated from the bondage of ignorance and suffering, but
you yourself will be excluded from discipleship and suffer
No sooner had he heard those words than the devotee
rushed to the marketplace, collected a large crowd around him,
and repeated the sacred mantra for all to hear.
The disciples later reported this to the guru and demanded that
the man be expelled from the monastery for his disobedience.
The guru smiled and said, “He has no need of anything I
can teach. His action has shown him to be a guru in his own

I trust that the meaning of this story will become clearer and
clearer as you immerse yourself in this book. You have a profound
calling back to Spirit. It is working right now in your life, other-
wise you wouldn’t be reading these very words in this very in-
stant. I urge you to heed that calling and come to know the pure
bliss that awaits you as you make an inspired life your reality.

Wayne W. Dyer



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