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9/2/2016 20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #6 ­­days­of­2d­autocad­exercises­6/ 2/8

The CHAMFER command helps us in getting from point A to B in the
တ†gure below:

This being said, we will try creating the following တ†gure:

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9/2/2016 20 Days of 2D AutoCAD exercises #6 ­­days­of­2d­autocad­exercises­6/ 3/8

To get this result, you will have to apply a CHAMFER of 3.2 x 3.2 to the
indicated corner.

Follow these steps to use the CHAMFER command:

1 – Click on a CHAMFER icon
2 – (TRIM mode) Current chamfer Dist1 = 0.0000, Dist2 = 0.0000

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