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Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Inmarsat System
	1.1  System Overview
	1.2  Inmarsat C Services
	1.3  Communications Network
	1.4  Message & Signal Transfer
	1.5  Different Classes of Inmarsat-C MES
Chapter 2  Channel Types and Signal Processing
	2.1  Channel Types
	2.2  Signal Processing
Chapter 3  Block Description
	3.1  General
	3.2  Block Diagrams
	3.3  Functions of Each Board
	3.4  Antenna Unit (IC-112)
	3.5  Communication Unit (IC-212)
Chapter 4  Location of Parts
	4.1  Antenna Unit (IC-112)
	4.2  Communication Unit (IC-212)
	4.3  Distress Alert Unit/Received Call Unit (IC-302/303)
Chapter 5  Maintenance
	5.1  PV (Performance Verification) Test
	5.2  LED Check
	5.3  Check Points
	5.4  DIP Switch Setting
	5.5  Memory Contents Backed-up by Battery
	5.6  Updating System Program
	5.7  Replacement of Backup Battery
Chapter 6  Troubleshooting
	6.1  Self-Test
	6.2  Description of Status Monitor Display
	6.3  Error Messages
Appendix 1  Menu List
Parts List
Mechanical Parts List
Electrical Parts List
Circuit Diagrams
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F I R S T E D I T I O N : A P R 1 9 9 8

Yo u r L o c a l A g e n t / D e a l e rFURUNO E L E C T R I C C O., LT D.c

9 - 5 2 , A s h i h a r a - c h o ,
N i s h i n o m i y a , J a p a n 6 6 2

Te l e p h o n e : 0 7 9 8 - 6 5 - 2 1 1 1
Te l e f a x : 0 7 9 8 - 6 5 - 4 2 0 0

A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d . Printed in Japan

P U B . N o . S M E - 5 6 1 3 0 - A
F E L C O M 1 2( K A O K )

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Be sure to Communication Unit is in idle condition and logged in before beginning the
test. This test can only be conducted from the main DTE.

1. Press [7] to display the "option" menu.
2. Press [6] to display the Test menu.
3. Press [1].



PV Test


Yes No

4. Press [Enter] to transmit the PV Test request to NCS.



PV Test
Starting PV Test Process.
Automatic test mode : Normal communication disabled.
Do not press any distress button unless you are in

5. Press [Esc] to return to the default display.
6. The screen displays "Current State: IDLE (pending!)" when the acknowledge signal

is received from the NCS.
7. Testing begins and the screen displays "Current State: TESTING".
8. A to-mobile test message transfer and a from-mobile call the LES tests are

automatically carried out.
9. After about 2 minutes, a test distress alert is initiated.
10. When testing is completed the indication "TESTING" is replaced by "IDLE".

The test results appear on the Disp menu. (The next section shows how to interpret the

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How to display the results of the PV test

1. At the default display, press [F7] to display the Disp menu.
2. Press [6].


1. PV Test

2. PV Test Result

3. Self Test

4. Distress Alarm Button Test

3. Press [2] key. The results of the PV test appear on the display.



PV Test Result
Ctrl + P : print ESC : quit

Test Date & Time 97-12-12 01 : 58 (UTC)

Attempts First attempt
Shore - to - Ship Attempts First attempt
Ship - to - Shore Attempts First attempt
Distress Alert Pass (Test OK)
Signal strength Pass (Greater than Std level + 6dB)

Overall Result Pass (Applicable tests pass)

4. To escape, press any key. The default display appears.
The test result can be printed out by pressing [P] while pressing and holding down

Interpreting the PV Test Results Display

Test Date & Time: Date and time of test

Attempts: Number of times the PV test was conducted.

BBER: Bulletin Board Error Rate (%). "Pass" appears for no error.

Shore-to-Ship Attempts:Number of tests initiated by LES.

Ship-to-Shore Attempts:Number of tests initiated by MES.

Distress Alert: "Pass (Test OK)" appears for successful testing.

Signal Strength: "Pass" appears if Tx signal strength is greater than +6dB

Overall Result: "Pass" appears for satisfactory completion of test.

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