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Chapter 04 Chapter 04 - Analyzing Investing Activities- Analyzing Investing Activities


,ection 12 ,ection 12 Current AssCurrent Assetsets

•• Cash and Cash E%uivalentsCash and Cash E%uivalents

Analyzing Cash and Cash E%uivalentsAnalyzing Cash and Cash E%uivalents

•• ReceivablesReceivables

Valuation of ReceivablesValuation of Receivables

Analyzing ReceivablesAnalyzing Receivables

•• 3repaid E&penses3repaid E&penses

•• InventoriesInventories

Inventory Accounting and ValuationInventory Accounting and Valuation

Analyzing InventoriesAnalyzing Inventories

,ection 2 ,ection 2 +oncurrent As+oncurrent Assetssets

•• Introduction to )ong-)ived AssetsIntroduction to )ong-)ived Assets

Accounting for )ong-)ived AssetsAccounting for )ong-)ived Assets

CapitalizinCapitalizing versus E&pensing2 g versus E&pensing2 5inancial ,tatement and Ratio 5inancial ,tatement and Ratio EffectsEffects

•• 3lant Assets and +atural Resources3lant Assets and +atural Resources

Valuing 3lant Assets and +atural ResourcesValuing 3lant Assets and +atural Resources

6epreciation and 6epletion6epreciation and 6epletion

•• Intangible AssetsIntangible Assets

Accounting for IntangiblesAccounting for Intangibles

Analyzing IntangiblesAnalyzing Intangibles


0nrecorded Intangibles and 0nrecorded Intangibles and ContingenContingenciescies


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