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The time and price cycle calculation techniques detailed in“Gann Cycles” are the practical application of
WD Gann’s statement that,“when you know how to use time and price together you know how to trade”.

As a market moves forward in TIME, it will“vibrate” from past high and low points cycles or waves into
the future. As with time being measured from a past reference point, using the same cycles, so too can
price. These cycles or waves are fixed in their duration so are able to be projected into the future to
accurately forecast dates and prices that reversals will occur at.

Gann stated in his novel, Tunnel thru the Air, “that in orderto know and predict the future of anything
you only have to look up what has happened in the past and get a correct base or starting point” and
“…..if you have the correct starting point and know the cycle that is going to be repeated.”

What makes “Gann Cycles” unique is that it contains information that WD Gann did not include in his
commercially available courses. He stated that “the general public is not readyfor it and would not
believe it even if I did reveal it”. This information is related to the knowledge that Gann learnt from his
studies of Biblical interpretations of cycles, how he discovered the method of their calculation and how he
applied this information to markets. These cycles are the basis of timing in all events in our world and
prove by their regular appearance in market reversals that WD Gann was the master of all market analysts.

If you have used the common Gann analysis methods using the cycle of 360, division of the range and
Gann angles to determine points of reversal which are alsoincluded in “Gann Cycles”- you will be aware
of their limitations. The information contained in“Gann Cycles” using other far more advanced methods
of analysis enables forecasts to be simply and accurately made as in the below diagrams. This method of
analysis shows the simplicity and accuracy in using these methods.

When TIME meets PRICE is where and when reversals occur!

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DJIA March 2005 reversal at a key TIME cycle date and PRICE cycle level.

WD Gann did leave information on his discovery of the most important cycles. He did this in a rather
obscure manner. He believed that one should put in the work before reaping the rewards. If you have not
read and researched Gann’s numerous works and studied the other sources that he stated provided him
with his knowledge then you cannot know of this information. These cycles when calculated from a past
reference point and divided into their parts as Gann instructed will give dates and price levels to monitor
for reversals. When major reversals occur there will always be one of these cycles present. “Gann Cycles”
also contains information on how to “Balance Time” which is required to determine when major highs
and lows will occur. This, along with the knowledge of cycles and how to interpret them is the key to
understanding what some claimwas Gann’s secret method of forecasting.

It is known that Gann’s courses were often sold to his students with personal tuition provided by him. It is
likely that the detailed cycle information may have been revealed in this tuition. Consequently the
commonly available courses are not complete as they do not include the most powerful of the techniques
he used. Most Gann techniques commonly used today are valid but are not the most powerful manner to
determine dates and prices at where important reversals will occur.

The most accurate method of determining a reversal point in price is by knowledge of the numbers that
are derived from the key cycles. On a cycle date in “TIME”, whena market reaches a cycle level in
“PRICE”you will be aware that a market is at a point of reversal. This enables entries and exits to be
made very close to these reversal points. The method of symbolic number recognition is detailed in
“Gann Cycles”. It is precisely detailed as to why the DJIA was at a precarious point immediately prior to
the February 2007 steep decline.

“Gann Cycles” shows how to identify dates of reversals before they occur. The factors present at the 2000
high in the S&P 500 at the price level 1574, the S&P 500 low of 767 in October 2002 and the DJIA high
in March 2005 are explained in detail. Most recently an additional section on global markets at the
February 2007 highs has been added. In each market the same cycles were present in“TIME and PRICE”
at these major reversals. The method of calculation and their application is detailed in the “Gann Cycles”
manual and are shown in detail on the charts contained in the manual.

The more commonly known methods of Gann, such as squaring time with price, highs, lows and ranges,
division of ranges and the trend or swing chart are also detailed in the“Gann Cycles” manual. It is shown
how each of these methods is a derivation of cycles or can be used in conjunction with the key cycles. If
you are new to Gann analysis techniques or are experienced, you will find that “Gann Cycles” will be the
only source of reference required in successfully becoming a trader.

WD Gann’s concepts of dividing time, price and space is based on the premise that everything moves in
cycles. These cycles are then divided by the Gann percentages and can also be used in multiples of the
original cycle.

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In my personal trading I have traded numerous high and low points on the day they occurred, as well as
many intermediate swing turns within a trending market. One of these was exiting a short position three
points from a three hundred and seventy day bear market low in 2003 and selling short on the day of the
February 2007 high on the Australian Share Price Index futures market. This style of trading can be done
by having the knowledge of when and where a market can reverse by use of cycles.

TIME and PRICE cycle effects on markets.

If you are not an experienced trader you should initially use the methods to determine reversals within an
existing trend. The information revealed will enable you to understand why past unsuccessful trades
occurred and how to avoid them in the future, then how to select only high probability of success trades in
the future.

Rules for using Gann’s mechanical trading system are also detailed. This is a trading system that can be
used with simple price action and reaction analysis. The addition of TIME and PRICE cycle analysis to
this system enables market reversals to be traded on the day they occur. There is a complete chapter on
“Intraday Day” trading.

The methodsdetailed in “Gann Cycles” will show why markets work the way they do. They are radically
different from all previous published material on the methods of WD Gann and are not available
elsewhere. The source of the information revealed in “Gann Cycles” is discussed and directly relates to
Gann’s references to his sources.

To be successful as a trader you will need to have a distinct advantage over the market, a plan to profit
from that advantage and the discipline to apply that plan. The contents of “Gann Cycles” will provide you
with the distinct advantage as it is the most powerful method of market analysis available. The
information that “Gann Cycles” contains, when correctly applied, will enable safe and extremely
profitable trading to result.

Purchasers of “Gann Cycles” are automatically registered as members of the education and discussion
forum at Here you will find information on recent events in global markets and
where you are able to submit queries to Charles Shephard. With the manual you will also receive on CD
WD Gann’s books “Tunnel thru the Air”– Gann’s most revealing work, and “Truth of the Stocktape”.
Other works included are “The Basis of my Forecasting Method”and “Annual Forecasts”. This CD also
contains an automatic date calculator that forecasts future dates indicated as reversals by simply inserting
a past reference date that a cycle has commenced from.

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Contents of “Gann Cycles”

1. Markets

2. Volume

3. Swing charts construction and analysis

4. Support and resistance levels

5. Sections of the market or wave structure

6. Market patterns

7. Using a range to calculate a high price

8. Using a range to calculate a low price

9. Time counts

10. Squaring time with price / Gann angles

11. Squaring a high price

12. Squaring a low price

13. Squaring a range

14. Percentages of the highs and lows

15. Time cycles: Master, Planetary, Biblical and Symbolic.

16. Seasonal time

17. Price cycles - determining intermediate and major reversals levels

18. Market squares

19. Balancing of time

20. Forecasting

21. Intraday trading

22. Reversal date analysis

23. Trade management

24. Charts

25. Origin of cycles

CD containing Gann documents and the automatic date forecasting calculator with
dates up to four years in advance calculated by simply inserting a past reference date.

Charles Shephard. Charles Shephard is a Stock Index,
Commodity and Currency trader and advises private investors and traders. Relying on his many years of
experience and research into the methods of WD Gann and culminating in a successful trading career,
Charles Shephard has made available in his trading manual the most comprehensive information that
details the cycles that Gann relied upon. Seminars conducted by Charles Shephard on the advanced
techniques of WD Gann are held by invitation in Hawaii, Sydney and San Francisco and are available

is US$199.00 inclusive of express air freight. Delivery is usually within 3 to 5
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