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Summary of part-1

The GCSR (Global Country Study Report) is an essential part to MBA sem-3.

In this project we have to study global country industry and we have to

analyze bilateral trade opportunity between India and any other particular

country, and also we have to find trade opportunity Gujarat and Nagaland.

Here we are studying mining industry in Canada and Mining industry of India.

Mining industry in India

The Mining industry in India is a major economic activity which

contributes significantly to the economy of India.

The GDP contribution of the mining industry varies from 2.2% to 2.5%

only but going by the GDP of the total industrial sector it contributes

around 10% to 11%. Even mining done on small scale contributes 6% to

the entire cost of mineral production.

Indian mining industry provides job opportunities to around 700,000


India is the largest producer of sheet mica, the third largest producer of

iron and the fifth largest producer of bauxite in the world. India's

metal and mining industry was estimated to be $106.4bn (£68.5bn) in 2010.

Produced in India

Minerals Quantity Unit Mineral Type
Coal 403 Million Tonnes Fuel
Lignite 29 Million Tonnes Fuel
Natural gas 31007 Million Cubic



32 Million Tonnes Fuel

Bauxite 11278 Thousand Tonnes Metallic Mineral

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Copper 125 Thousand Tonnes Metallic Mineral
Gold 3048 Thousand

Metallic Mineral

Iron Ore 140131 Thousand Tonnes Metallic Mineral
Manganese Ore 1963 Thousand Tonnes Metallic Mineral
Zinc 862 Thousand Tonnes Metallic Mineral
Diamond 60155 Carats Non Metallic


Mining industry in Canada

 Mining is one of Canada’s primary industries and involves the

extraction, refining, and/or processing of economically valuable rocks and

minerals. Mineral products – including gold, silver, iron, copper,

zinc, nickel – are critical to modern industrial society.

 Canada ranks first in the world for the production of potash and

uranium and among the top five for the production of nickel and


 The mining industry is now a major player in Canada's economy,

contributing nearly 5% of the country's Gross Domestic Product.

 Canada's mining companies share a strong commitment to environmental

and social responsibility. Canada is a world leader in the use of

advanced mining technology and sustainable environmental

practices designed to minimize the impacts of mining exploration and

development on the natural environment and the communities in which

they are located.

Facts and Figure for Mining in Canada

  Production of the Canadian mining , mineral- processing , and metal

producing industries total approximately $42 billion per year

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