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A Guide to Successful Internet Dating


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A Guide to Success in the
World of Internet Dating

Internet Dating. Th e two words
that have revolutionised the way
we meet and have more sex than
ever before. Everyone is online
now, checking out the latest hot
girls and guys who are looking
for a little extra sex in their

Online dating is in and if you’re not a
part of it then you are missing out on
something hot. Not like the old days.
Oh, sure, going to the clubs and bars
can help you get laid but how do you
absolutely guarantee what you’re getting
or whether the hottie you’ve been
chatting with all night is really going to
sleep with tonight?

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew that
the hot girl you’re about meet already
wants you? Th at’s the beauty of the
online dating world! It’s so easy now
that if you don’t already have a profi le
online then you’re certainly missing out
on the best thing since online porn!

Do you want more sex in your life? Do
you want some sex in your life? Follow

our advice and you’ll be banging all
night long within a few days. It’s simple
and, best of all, it’s all free! You like free
stuff , right?

Online Dating Does Work

Being human, we are all diff erent. We
have diff erent tastes, diff erent styles and
diff erent cultures. Online dating makes
sure we can fi nd exactly what we are
looking for. How easy life has become
now that we can answer a few simple
questions and then fi nd a match that
exactly fi ts our needs! Clever, isn’t it?

Online Dating is Safe

You’ve heard all the rumours, suggestions
and media spin that tries to make out
internet dating is evil. Th ey couldn’t be
any more wrong if they tried. Online
dating is as safe as any other form of
dating and is no more dangerous than
the rest of the internet.

Of course, some people do abuse the
system. Some have a motive the enables

crime to be committed. You face that
exact same threat all day, every day in
your entire life. Th e internet is no more
dangerous than anything else you may

You know that your bank won’t ask you
to check your details in an email and you
that the rich guy from Nigeria doesn’t
have $25,000,000 to share with you so
why get scared by online dating? After
all, you can reveal as much or as little
about yourself as you feel safe doing.

Do not worry about the alleged dangers
of internet dating. Th is is a safe world
and those who run the sites want to keep
you so they’re going to help to keep it

Why is Internet Dating so
Damn Successful?

It’s fast, convenient and people can
now get what they want. You can fi nd
the right person from anywhere. Now
you’re no longer confi ned to your own
peer group or social scene. Hey, if you’ve
already been out with every girl in the
neighbourhood maybe it’s time to
expand your horizons a little more!

It’s all so damn fast that most people who
join an online dating site get what they
want in a few days. Days! Not weeks,
or so many expensive dates that you’re
no longer interested. We’re serious here.
Signing up, logging on and searching
now means that the girls and guys are all
there and available right now!

Hell, some guys are getting laid so often
that they can’t keep up.

Internet dating is so effi cient now and
so easy. A few mails, an online chat and
before you know it you’re fucking the
person that night! How easy is that?
Pretty simple!

As the internet has grown so has online
dating. Whether you want sex or
marriage there is someone online right
now who is your ideal match. We’re not
going to stop you going out to socialise
and maybe meet someone but if you’ve
been there and done that and still jerking
off at home then get online now!

h o r n y a d u l t e n c o u n t e r s . c o m

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Now, we are not talking about
physical looks here. We are talking
about appearance. The way you
dress and your hairstyle. The guys
who shave and the guys who don’t.
Appearance is very important
online because the proÞ le photo is
one of two aspects that people see
Þ rst when checking you out.

How good do you feel when you
get dressed to go out for the night?
How much time do you spend
getting ready? That is the moment
when you’re at your best. Going out
for a night is one of the rare times
when men and women feel good
about themselves.

I always look really
bad in photos

This is also the time to take that
photo for your proÞ le. That moment
when you feel at your best. Your own
self conÞ dence will improve your
chances of success considerably.

Take several photos of yourself or
get a friend to do it. Casual and
relaxed are key here and smile.
A few photos over a few days will
provide you will something to work
with. You look good. There is no
need to feel insecure about the
way you look. We all do that from
time to time, even the hottest and
coolest looking people.

Always listen if someone offers you
advice. You know your own friends
and their sense of style so if they
suggest something to change your

look then try it. If you don’t feel
right then don’t continue. Having
female friends here is a bonus.
Women know about style far more
than men. Their advice in your look
is a must!

Stand out from a crowd without
going over the top. Whether it’s the
colour of the shirt you’re wearing or
jewellery for those guys who wear
it you should be noticeable. When
women look through dating proÞ les
you need to appeal to them and
stand out from the other photos.

One other point about the proÞ le
photo. All dating sites allow multiple
photos to be uploaded. Do not,
under any circumstances, use the
main proÞ le photo to show off your
cock, your pussy, your breasts or
your ass. Faces or a clothed body

shot should always be your main
photo. Use the other photos to
show off your body.

Make sure you upload a photo or
two. Those who do have 10 times
more success with online dating
than those who don’t.

There are some aspects you should
also remember when conversing
with someone. Most women know
they are hot! They know they are
beautiful so you do not need to tell
them! Complimenting a woman on
her style, however, is a different
matter. Suggesting her hair or her
clothes make her look good is a
whole different world to telling her
she’s beautiful or hot and the word
“babe” is only used between guys
when discussing girls.

Wow! You Look a Million Dollars!

h o r n y a d u l t e n c o u n t e r s . c o m

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You are about to write the perfect
profi le. You probably don’t think
that you can write the perfect profi le
but you can. Many of us do write
the perfect dating profi le and that’s
why we succeed.

How did you get your last job? Did
you write a CV or resume? How
much time did your spend writing
it? Selling yourself in work is the
same as selling yourself in the
dating game. There are just a few
different questions.

Who are you? What do you like?
What are you looking for? These
are the questions that concern you
the most now. You have already
thought about your interests and
you know what you are looking
for. Sit down at your computer and
begin to write you dating resume.
Think about it, change it.

The perfect dating profi le is the

one that describes you, your
interests and what you are looking
for. Use sentences, not bullet
point or keyword lists. Do not be
embarrassed about anything.

Don’t lie. Much like your work
resume you can bend the truth a
little or talk yourself up but don’t lie
and don’t be arrogant or boastful. Do
not write too much. Keep yourself
brief. You don’t want to bore people
with long and winding diatribes.
Do not try and be someone you’re
not here. Use humour if you are a
humorous person.

Highlight the things you are most
passionate about. If you’re proud
of your hobbies or even your job
then mention those. You have a
talent so mention that. Alternative
subtleties can be employed here to
avoid arrogance.

“My friends think...” or “I have

been told that....” are good ways to
start something rather than “I am
fantastic at...” or “You would not
believe how good I am at....”

Avoid all negative aspects of
yourself. All of them! You are here
to promote yourself. You are perfect
right now. You have no faults and
no weaknesses. Do not mention a
previous lover. No one cares about
your last relationship, how tough
it was or how much it hurt when
it ended. Seriously, you’re moving
forward here. Forget the past.

Since you are posting a photo of
yourself then you don’t need to be
specifi c about the way you look.
Someone can see that in your

Remember that you are not “looking
for anything” here so when it comes
to writing about what you are
looking for then use the ideals that
you thought about earlier. You don’t
have to be too specifi c unless you
have a particular fetish you want to
share with someone. Broad brush
strokes can entice more people and
the specifi cs can be dealt with when
you’re chatting or meet someone.

One more point about profi les.
Do not copy anyone else’s. Be
yourself. Be original. You are
unique and your profi le should
refl ect that. Remember what we
keep telling you. You will succeed
here and nothing about you is an

Don’t be afraid to get your friends
to help you out here if you’re a little
stuck on how to write your profi le or
imagine your are one your friends
describing you.

The Perfect ProÞ le

h o r n y a d u l t e n c o u n t e r s . c o m

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h o r n y a d u l t e n c o u n t e r s . c o m

I love it when someone licks me like
an ice cream cone before fi ngering
me. I love having at least two fi ngers
inserted in my wet, juicy pussy while
sucking on my clit but not coming up
with the tongue too much. Circles
are best. I love when someone knows
the right angles with their fi ngers and
tongue to make me cum super hard
and squirt in their face! I freaking love
giving and ge ng head and with each
of my playmates I experiment with how
my partner reacts to my sucks and licks
and adjust according to how they react.

Kissing makes my pussy wet right off the bat if my lover is recep ve to my tongue. The passion comes
from the connec on and with that, awesome sex to follow! French kissing is awesome too...I love
it when I’m about to cum and I’m tonguing with my lover at the same me just before I orgasm!

I am a very sexy girl, with 36d ts
and very perky nipples. I am a
very naughty and kinky woman
and will make anyone cum be er
then ever before. I love to have
sex and I cannot get enough of it.
I am looking any guys or girls that
love to have sex as much as me and
that know how to have a good me
and anyone that can make me cum
hard. I have lots of pictures and
willing to share them with anyone.

Wet and wild is the name that says it all. I love
all nighters! A rave girl who loves grinding my
tush on the dance fl oor. Ii may look simple
but i get crazy! Hook up with me and get the
ride of your life. I love men and keep this on
your mind, “Its not the size of the’s
the magic in it.” Well guys, you are all welcome
to see how I squirt. Come and join me!

I need a man in my life. A man who can love
me and let me live my life. As someone who
loves nights out, vaca ons and naughty trips
away for the weekend I need you to want the
same things. I keep fi t, visi ng my local gym
several mes a week and have the stamina to
sa sfy everyone! I am sensual and can easily
be made to orgasm with the right touch.

Come and Meet Our Members

What are you waiting for? You have all the tools to make your internet dating successful!

Get online now and start your journey to happiness!

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