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Tie Bar / Handle

• Pass the rope through each hole, making it travel through the inside of the pipe.
◦ Having the rope pass through the drilled holes keeps the handle from rotating,

making it easier to grip.

• Following Steps 1-10 in the curl handle tutorial, make a loop by tying a double
bowline. For another look at how to do that, have a look below:

Homemade Workout Manifesto 30 Ian Nagy – Home Workout Blog

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Cut Rope to Length

Cut around 10 feet of the polypropylene trucker's line. Tape the cut point with some
masking tape, cut it, and then melt the ends with a lighter to keep the rope from

Thread Rope Through Handle

First, thread the rope through the pipe, passing in one hole and out the other, as shown

Threading the rope through these holes prevents the pipe from rotating while you are
gripping it, making it much easier to hang onto.

Tie Handle

Now we need to tie the handle loop. We will use the ever-useful bowline knot, and add a
bit of extra security by making it a double-bowline. Here's how to tie the double bowline

Step 1: First, take the free end of the rope, then pass it over and tuck it underneath the
standing part, as shown below:

Homemade Workout Manifesto 31 Ian Nagy – Home Workout Blog

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Step 2 – Mark Center

Mark this center point with some masking tape:

Step 3 – Tie Butterfly Knot

Now tie a butterfly knot (see the tutorial above), keeping this taped center point in the
middle of the outer loop as shown below. (this might take some adjustments, but you'll get

Now simply mount your handles through this loop with your cinch strap, loop, or whatever
else you've come up with.

Homemade Workout Manifesto 60 Ian Nagy – Home Workout Blog

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How to Make Foot Straps For Your DIY Suspension Trainer

Here is how to make foot straps for exercises like the plank-to-knee tuck and stability
lunges you see below, as well as many others.

Step 1 – Cut Rope

Now we will make our foot loops. Cut two pieces of rope around 3 feet long each
(remember to tape your cut points and melt the ends to prevent unraveling):

Step 2 – Tie Foot Loops

Following the instructions for tying a bowline (see above), tie each piece rope on either
side of the handle. Here's what it should look like:

That's it. Now try it out.

Homemade Workout Manifesto 61 Ian Nagy – Home Workout Blog

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