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Table of Contents
1. Raise A Smile, Prompt A Laugh
2. Simply Easy
3. More Fun With Faces
4. Hands And Feet
5. Lay It On
6. Lurk Out And About
7. Cartoon Kids
8. Watch The Birdie
9. Animal Antics
10. Pin Up Your Pin Ups
11. Lots Of Ideas
12. Set About Your Friends
13. How To Draw Caricatures
14. Ways And Means
15. How To Help Yourself
16. Slightly Done, Not Burnt!
17. Fun With Faces
18. Get Out!
19. Big Head, Small Body
20. Return To School
21. Famous Faces
22. Late Greats
23. Turn On The Telly
24. Please Be A Sport
25. How To Make Money
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Page 126

My next victim is a lady who I met after she had been on a mini shopping spree. She is not a
shopoholic, indeed, she devotes many hours of her life to helping others. My cartoon of her
simply reflects one of the things she appears to like doing. The sketch does faintly resemble
her. See if you can draw someone you know in a similar fashion.


Page 127

The lady featured in figure 120 is one of those nice people you cannot help liking. She greets
me with the magic words: “Tea or coffee, luv?” She also allows me a free run of her large,
beautiful garden. Friends are wonderful aren’t they? This drawing is a step nearer to
caricature. I have exaggerated the head size but still retained a cartoon-like drawing. Draw
your idea of a nice friend or re-draw a cartoon of my chum.


Page 252

Last hints
Keep on drawing. Do not give up if at first you get a caricature wrong. All the drawing you
have now done during this course will have increased your powers of observation and
accuracy of drawing.

My chum John and I lost count of the number of failed rough sketches we made before
managing to obtain a reasonable caricature of some victims. Remember that John had never
tried caricaturing until I asked him to have a go.

So, to finish this book, I’ve used one of his gems, Sir Richard Branson in ballooning mode
in figure 248, and finally, one of my own, that anxious comic Harry Hill, at his most worried.
Helplines included, but I doubt if you need them any more!

Thank you for being my student. Good luck to you.


Page 253


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