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TitleHow To Draw Cartoons and Caricatures.pdf
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Table of Contents
1. Raise A Smile, Prompt A Laugh
2. Simply Easy
3. More Fun With Faces
4. Hands And Feet
5. Lay It On
6. Lurk Out And About
7. Cartoon Kids
8. Watch The Birdie
9. Animal Antics
10. Pin Up Your Pin Ups
11. Lots Of Ideas
12. Set About Your Friends
13. How To Draw Caricatures
14. Ways And Means
15. How To Help Yourself
16. Slightly Done, Not Burnt!
17. Fun With Faces
18. Get Out!
19. Big Head, Small Body
20. Return To School
21. Famous Faces
22. Late Greats
23. Turn On The Telly
24. Please Be A Sport
25. How To Make Money

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