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TitleHow to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk (excerpt)
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“Will bring about more cooperation from children than all the yell-
ing and pleading in the world.”

–Christian sCienCe Monitor

“An excellent book that’s applicable to any relationship.”
–Washington Post

“Practical, sensible, lucid…the approaches Faber and Mazlish lay
out are so logical you wonder why you read them with such a burst

of discovery.”
–FaMily Journal

“An exceptional work, not simply just another ‘how to’ book…All
parents can use these methods to improve the everyday quality of t

heir relationships with their children.”
–Fort Worth star telegraM

Praise for
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and

Listen So Kids Will Talk

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Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings

response. But the language of empathy does not come naturally
to us. It’s not part of our “mother tongue.” Most of us grew up
having our feelings denied. To become fluent in this new lan-
guage of acceptance, we have to learn and practice its methods.
Here are some ways to help children deal with their feelings.


1. Listen with full attention.

2. Acknowledge their feelings with a word—“Oh”  .  .  .
“Mmm” . . . “I see.”

3. Give their feelings a name.

4. Give them their wishes in fantasy.

On the next few pages you’ll see the contrast between these
methods and the ways that people usually respond to a child
who is in distress.

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It can be discouraging to try to get through to someone
who gives only lip service to listening.

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How to Talk So Kids Will
Listen and Listen So Kids

Will Talk
30th Anniversary Edition

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

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