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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1. Interdomain Multicast Fundamentals
	1.1 What Is Multicast?
	1.2 Internetworking Basics
	1.3 Multicast Basics
	1.4 Interdomain Multicast Routing
	1.5 Where Is Multicast?
	1.6 Multicast on the LAN
	1.7 ASM versus SSM
	1.8 Addressing Issues
	1.9 Applications
	1.10 Multicast Performance in Routers
	1.11 Disclaimers and Fine Print
	1.12 Why Multicast?
Chapter 2. IMR Overview
	2.1 Receiving Multicast Traffic: IGMP from the Perspective of the Host
	2.2 Detecting Multicast Receivers: IGMP from the Perspective of the Router
	2.3 Generating Multicast Traffic
	2.4 Detecting Multicast Sources
	2.5 Routing Multicast Traffic within a Domain Using PIM-SM
	2.6 Routing Multicast Traffic across Multiple Domains with MSDP
	2.7 Populating a Routing Table Dedicated to RPF Checks with MBGP
Chapter 3. Multicast Routing Protocols
	3.1 Dense Protocols
	3.2 Sparse Protocols
	3.3 Sparse-Dense Mode
Chapter 4. Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)
	4.1 Specifications
	4.2 PIM Versions
	4.3 Group-to-RP Mapping
	4.4 Anycast RP
	4.5 PIM Register Message Processing
	4.6 Distribution Tree Construction and Teardown
	4.7 Designated Routers and Hello Messages
	4.8 PIM Assert Messages
	4.9 Multicast Scoping
Chapter 5. Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)
	5.1 Introduction
	5.2 MSDP Peering Sessions
	5.3 The MSDP SA Message
	5.4 Determining the RPF Peer
	5.5 Mesh Groups
	5.6 MSDP Policy
	5.7 SA Storms, Ramen, and MSDP Rate Limiting
	5.8 Outlook for MSDP
Chapter 6. Source-Specific Multicast (SSM)
	6.1 Introduction
	6.2 IGMPv3 in SSM
	6.3 PIM-SM in SSM
Chapter 7. Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP (MBGP)
	7.1 Overview
	7.2 BGP and Related Terminology
	7.3 BGP Internals—Foundation for Understanding MBGP
	7.4 Extending BGP: MBGP
	7.5 MBGP Internals
	7.6 Using MGBP for Multicast Routing
Chapter 8. Multitopology Routing in Intermediate System to Intermediate System ( M-ISIS)
	8.1 Overview of IS-IS
	8.2 Specifics of IS-IS
	8.3 Overview of M-ISIS
	8.4 Specifics of M-ISIS
	8.5 Examples of Using M-ISIS
Chapter 9. Configuring and Verifying Multicast Routing on Juniper Networks Routers
	9.1 Configuring IGMP and PIM
	9.2 Configuring MSDP
	9.3 Configuring a Dedicated RPF Table
Chapter 10. Configuring and Verifying Multicast Routing on Cisco Systems Routers
	10.1 Configuring PIM and IGMP
	10.2 Configuring MSDP
	10.3 Configuring a Dedicated RPF Table
Chapter 11. Case Study: Service Provider Native Deployment
	11.1 Network Architecture
	11.2 ISP Router Configurations
	11.3 Customer Router Configurations
	11.4 SSM-Only Domain
Chapter 12. Management Tools for Multicast Networks
	12.1 SNMP MIBs
	12.2 The mtrace Facility
	12.3 The MSDP Traceroute Facility
Chapter 13. Other Related Topics
	13.1 Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (BGMP)
	13.2 Multicast Address Set Claim Protocol (MASC)
	13.3 Bi-Directional PIM (Bi-Dir PIM)
	13.4 Multicast Data Packets and Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP)
Appendix A. IGMP Packet Formats
	A.1 IGMP Version 3 Packet Formats
	A.2 IGMP Version 2 Packet Formats
	A.3 IGMP Version 1 Packet Formats
Appendix B. PIM Packet Formats
	B.1 PIM Version 2 Packet Formats
	B.2 PIM Version 1 Packet Formats
Appendix C. MSDP Packet Formats
	C.1 MSDP Packet Formats
About the Authors
	Brian M. Edwards
	Leonard A. Giuliano
	Brian R. Wright
	Index M
	Index P

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