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TitleInternship Report On Performance Management System, Greameenphone
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Internship report on Performance Management System of Grameenphone Ltd

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3.9 Divisions at Grameenphone Ltd.
Grameenphone Ltd. has more than 4500 employees working at different levels of

organizational hierarchy. There are 7 functional divisions engaged in managing these

employees- with the aim to meet organizational objectives. Grameenphone follows a mix of

centralized and decentralized decision making process-where the top management mainly

takes all the strategic decisions while the functional managers have flexibility to take decisions

by themselves on a day-to-day basis. At Grameenphone the Managing Director is assisted by 9

Senior Executives who are heading different departments in the strategic decision making

process. The departmental names of Grameenphone are given below:

 Corporate Affairs Division

 Commercial Division

 Finance Division

 Human Resource Division

 Technology Division

 MD Division

 Communication Division

Grameenphone follows a 3-layer management philosophy in Bangladesh. These are Directors,

Managers and Officers. The CEO is the top most authority of all the levels. Directors are the

departmental heads that are responsible for the activities of their departments. Managers have

the authority next to directors. These two layers represent the management level of

Grameenphone. Officers are the next persons to stand in the hierarchy list. They are the typical

mid-level employees of Grameenphone‟s organizational hierarchy. These officers are

responsible for managing the operational activities and operating level employees.

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