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soul, if struggling alone, is apt to fall into a negative

state and become powerless under the smarts and

bruises of mental and physical life. ls it any won~

der then that he who has a heritage of mental and

physical weakness, even though he knows the ins

and outs of modern helpful thought, finds himself

unable to maintain the posture of a masterl> Many

a noble soul hava I found vainly struggling with unfriendly

conditions who, upon being given the warm hand of helpful

sympathy, the suitable direction of energy and the word of

strength and courage, has been able to stand erect in the

divine image and walk like a god among men.

We cannot continue Ivell and happy unless in harmonious

touch with another soul capable of inspiring us by the _

Wealth of his or her nature to strong helpfulness.

Many come to me in need of help who are greatly

distressed over their inability to help themselves.

That they cannot do so is often the cause of doubt

and discouragement.

The locomotive that has left the track is as pow

erless to do the work for which it was intended as

is a fish to swim in the atmosphere. It may puff

and whistle, but the more energy shown the deeper

in the sand do its wheels become imbedded. What

it needs is a hoist and a swing from the resources

of the wreck car. When its wheels have once more

been set squarely upon the tracks it is just as ready


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' distinctive duties and responsibilities.

for a great stunt as ever.

As long as we do not pose as Supreme Beings it

is no humiliation to confess an occasional need of

help. We are co-workers, each having his own

We are more

or less dependent on our fellows. The hand can

not say to the foot, “I have no need of thee," as

it readily learns when its duties lie at a distance from

its present whereabouts. Both the hand and the

foot derive their power and skill from the same

source, but the power is differentiated in each.

My own conviction is that true healers, like true poets

and musicians, are born and not made. The poetic and

musical spirit manifests itself in varying degrees in

all, but is conspicuous only in a genius. In every

vocation there is always room at the top. Among

healers the Man of Galilee has ever ranked first.

The truth of his cures has been more or less ob

scured by the high coloring given the narratives by

astonished superstitious and ignorant followers; but

that His efficiency outstripped that of others there

is no room for doubt. And yet He Himself said

that His successors should do "greater works." That

they have not done so is probably due to the

paralysis of superstition and doubt.

Let those of like faith with ours, who are vainly

striving alone to overcome their mental and physical


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(Formerly “Mental and Physical Ease and


This is Dr. Leavitt’s “big” book. 389 pages in length, bound

in cloth and lettered in gold.

It is as big inside as outl Big in HOPE. big in philosophy,

big in convincingness. It’s got a lot in it and you'll get a lot

out of it.

An informal text book on the "mental end of things." written

in the form of a series of letters. This book was first gotten

out by Dr. Leavitt to supplement his work with his own

patients, to familiarize them with the causes of their con

ditions, and with the principles underlying the cure he ex

pected to make. Tells you how THOUGHT causes and cures

disease, and all about the wonderful doctor you’ve got right

inside you. Gives you the straight goods on Heredity. Tells

you how to "lick" Worry and Fear. and how to get on top

of “those nerves." Takes up the correct balance between

Will. Intellect and Emotion. Has a very strong chapter for ‘

the old, who. according to Dr. Leavitt, have no business

being old.

Does not ignore the physical end of things. but contains a

full system of physical and breathing exercises. Touches of

Freudism, the question of sex. telepathy and other fascinating

matters. Explains Dr. Leavitt's own phenomenally successful

methods. and tells the patient just how to come into his

own. Suggestion is handled in an unusually practical manner.

a group of powerful auto-suggestions being given at the end

of each chapter.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox says: “I wish the whole complaining

world could be given a chapter of this book to commit to

memory each week, until the whole contents were absorbed."

One of the most practical books ever published—

Prol'oundly convincing!

By Mail. Postage Prepaid, $2.00

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Preeminently a book of ACTION. Will give you a good

jolt. Makes you think and inspires you to want to do

something with yourself. Takes up old topics from new and

vivid angles. EFFICIENT LIVING is vigorous. pithy, epi

grammatic, decidedly interesting and worth-while—a book which

it is a real pleasure to recommend.

By Mail, Postage Prepaid, $2.15



In PEP. Col. Hunter has a real practical message to give,

and he gives it in a concise, simple, sincere way which is

most attractive. If you don't know PEP you've missed a

lot and have a lot coming to you. You'll like it and it will

help you.

By Mail. Postage Prepaid, $1.35

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