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TitleLSSA Guide to Lean
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About LSS Academy
Chapter 1: What is Lean Manufacturing?
Chapter 2: Finance 101 by Taiichi
Chapter 3: The Forgotten M’s
Chapter 4: Waiting
Chapter 5: No Standards, No Kaizen
Chapter 6: Standard Work
Chapter 7: Why Flow Counter Clockwise?
Chapter 8: Jidoka - The Forgotten Pillar
Chapter 9: Heijunka in the Front Office
Chapter 10: Why Heijunka? – Part 1
Chapter 11: Why Heijunka? – Part 2
Chapter 12: Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
Chapter 13: OEE – Not Just for TPM Programs!
Chapter 14: Value Stream Mapping Overview
Chapter 15: How to Create a PQPR Matrix
Chapter 16: Current State Value Stream Mapping
Chapter 17: Future State Value Stream Mapping
Chapter 18: Introducing the Kaizen Newspaper
Chapter 19: Two Types of Kaizen
Chapter 20: Kaizen Rules: 1&2
Chapter 21: Kaizen Rules: 3&4
Chapter 22: Kaizen Rules: 5&6
Chapter 23: Kaizen Rules: 7&8
Chapter 24: Kaizen Rules: 9&10
Chapter 25: Repent, I mean Hansei!
Chapter 26: Is Laying People off Really Anti-Lean?
Chapter 27: Shadows or Reality
Final Words
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