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TitleMars 100 Comprressor Set and Mechanical Drive
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Table of Contents
                            1 Introduction
	1.1 General Description
	1.2 Overview
	1.3 Terminology
2  Mars 90 and 100 Gas Turbine Mechanical Drive
	2.1 General Description
	2.2 Package Description
		2.2.1 Package Electrical System
			Three-Phase Motor Voltage
		2.2.2 Service Connections
3 Mars Gas Turbine
	3.1 General Description
		3.1.1 Principles of Operation
		3.1.2 SoLoNOx Combustion System (Optional)
4  Solar Compressor Set Packages
	4.1 Compressor Set Packages
	4.2 Solar Gas Compressors
		4.2.1 Impellers
		4.2.2 Rotor Assembly
		4.2.3 Casings
		4.2.4 Compressor Module
		4.2.5 Lube Oil System
		4.2.6 Compressor Dry Seal System
			Seal Gas System
			Separation Gas System
		4.2.7 Hydrostatic Testing
		4.2.8 Shaft Coupling
		4.2.9 Preliminary Alignment
5 Mechanical Drive Packages
	5.1 Mechanical Drives
		5.1.1 Unitized Packaging
			Driven Equipment
			Mating Baseplate
			Shaft Coupling
			Preliminary Alignment
			Unitized Lubrication and Cooling
			Unitized Controls
			Single-Source Responsibility
			Unitizing at Installation Site
		5.1.2 Non-Unitized Packaging
			Shaft Coupling
			Torsional Vibration Analysis
			Lateral Vibration Analysis
6  Gearbox
	6.1 General Description
		6.1.1 Primary Speed-Increasing Gearbox
		6.1.2 Inter-body Speed-Increasing Gearbox
		6.1.3 Primary Speed-Reducing Gearbox
7 Start System
	7.1 General Description
	7.2 Direct-Drive AC Start System
		7.2.1 Functional Description
		7.2.2 Starter Motor
		7.2.3 Variable Frequency Drive
		7.2.4 Power Wiring
	7.3  Pneumatic Start System (Optional)
8 Fuel System
	8.1 General Description
		8.1.1 Conventional Combustion System
		8.1.2 SoLoNOx Combustion System
		8.1.3 Fuel System
			Component Operation
9 Lubrication System
	9.1 General Description
		9.1.1 Lube Oil
		9.1.2 Gas Turbine-Driven Main Lube Oil Pump
		9.1.3 AC Motor-Driven Pre/Post Lube Oil Pump
		9.1.4 DC Motor-Driven Backup Lube Oil Pump
		9.1.5 Duplex Lube Oil Filter System
		9.1.6 Lube Oil Vent Coalescer
		9.1.7 Lube Oil Vent Flame Arrestor
		9.1.8 Lube Oil System Options
			Lube Oil Cooler
			Lube Oil Immersion Tank Heater
10 Turbotronic 4 Control System
	10.1 General Description
	10.2 System Architecture
	10.3 Component Descriptions
		10.3.1 Controller
		10.3.2 ControlNet 1.5
		10.3.3 Input/Output Modules
		10.3.4 Vibration Monitoring System
		10.3.5 Backup Shutdown System
		10.3.6 Fire and Gas System
		10.3.7 Control System Power Supplies
		10.3.8 Interconnect Cables – Offskid Control Systems
	10.4 System Monitoring and Control Functions
		10.4.1 Starting and Loading
		10.4.2 Steady-State Control
		10.4.3 Stopping
		10.4.4 Vibration and Temperature Monitoring
	10.5 TT4000 Display and Monitoring System
		10.5.1 TT4000 Display Screens
		10.5.2 TT4000S Display Screens
		10.5.3 TT4000 Data Collection and Display
		10.5.4 TT4000 Display Language
		10.5.5 TT4000 Operating Modes
		10.5.6 Supervisory Control Interfaces
		10.5.7 System Programmability
		10.5.8 Engineering Units
11  Process Control and Monitoring
	11.1 General Description
		11.1.1 Process Control
		11.1.2 Suction Pressure, Discharge Pressure, and Flow Shutdowns
		11.1.3 Gas Compressor Surge Detection System
		11.1.4 Anti-Surge Control
		11.1.5 Anti-Surge Recycle Valve
		11.1.6 Compressor Vibration and Temperature Monitoring
12 Enclosure
	12.1 General Description
	12.2 Standard Features
		12.2.1 Inlet and Exhaust Ventilation Silencers
		12.2.2 Single-Fan Ventilation
		12.2.3 Enclosure High Temperature Alarm
		12.2.4 Pressurization System
		12.2.5 Lighting
		12.2.6 Equipment Handling Kit
		12.2.7 Sound Attenuation
		12.2.8 Exterior Connections
		12.2.9 Fire and Gas Detection System
	12.3 Optional Features
		12.3.1 Enclosure Configuration
		12.3.2 Dual Fan Ventilation
		12.3.3 Dust Protection System
		12.3.4 Dust and Moisture Protection System
		12.3.5 Standby Lighting
		12.3.6 Door Open Alarm
		12.3.7 CO2 Fire Suppression System
		12.3.8 Water Mist Fire Suppression System
		12.3.9 Fire Cylinder Cabinets
13 Air Inlet System
	13.1 General Description
		13.1.1 Prefilter and Barrier Inlet Air Filter
		13.1.2 Self-Cleaning Barrier Type Air Filter (Updraft Type)
		13.1.3 Marine / Offshore-High Velocity Type Air Filter
		13.1.4 Offshore / Coastal Medium Velocity Type Air Filter
		13.1.5 Insect Screens
		13.1.6 Air Inlet Gas Detection
		13.1.7 Air Inlet Silencer
		13.1.8 Air Inlet Ducting and Support
14  Exhaust System
	14.1 General Description
		14.1.1 Exhaust Silencer
	14.2 Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery System
15 Accessory Equipment
	15.1 Battery Charger System
		15.1.1 Valve Regulated Lead Acid
		15.1.2 Nickel Cadmium
	15.2 Turbine Cleaning System
		15.2.1 On-Crank Cleaning System
		15.2.2 On-Line Cleaning System
		15.2.3 Turbine Cleaning Cart (Optional)
		15.2.4 Package Lifting Kit (Optional)
16  Marinization
	16.1 General Description
		16.1.1 Gimbals (Optional)
		16.1.2 Anti-Vibration Mounts (Optional)
		16.1.3 Internal Package Modifications
		16.1.4 Inclinometers
		16.1.5 Certification
		16.1.6 Deck Deflection Limits
		16.1.7 Angular Displacement and Acceleration
		16.1.8 Main and Auxiliary Service
17  Quality Assurance and Testing
	17.1 Quality Assurance
	17.2 Testing
		17.2.1 Test Phases
		17.2.2 Acceptance Testing
		17.2.3 Compressor Testing (If Applicable)
		17.2.4 Acceptance Test Data
		17.2.5 Additional Testing
		17.2.6 Source Inspection
		17.2.7 Customer Participation
		17.2.8 Weld Radiography
18  Preservation, Installation, and Documentation
	18.1 General Description
	18.2 Preservation
		18.2.1 Long-Term Preservation
		18.2.2 Short-Term Preservation
	18.3 Site Requirements
	18.4 Mechanical Installation Requirements
		18.4.1 TPIM-1010
		18.4.2 Mounting
		18.4.3 Alignment Tooling
		18.4.4 Lube Oil Cooler(s)
		18.4.5 Gas Turbine Air Inlet System
		18.4.6 Gas Turbine Exhaust System
	18.5 Documentation
		18.5.1 Torsional Analysis Report (Optional)
		18.5.2 Lateral Analysis Report (Optional)
19  Certification
	19.1 General Description
	19.2 National Electrical Code
	19.3 Canadian Electrical Code
	19.4 Conformité Européenne Mark
		19.4.1 Methods of Establishing Conformity
		19.4.2 Solar Compliance
	19.5 International Electrotechnical Commission Safety Assessment
	19.6 Offshore Marine Applications
		19.6.1 Det Norske Veritas Certification
		19.6.2 American Bureau of Shipping
		19.6.3 Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
		19.6.4 Bureau Veritas
	19.7 Summary
20 Support Services
	20.1 Construction Services
	20.2 Customer Services
	20.3 Contract Power and Leasing Services
	20.4 Solar’s Worldwide Locations
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Page 1

MARS 90 and MARS 100
Turbomachinery Package Specification

Oi l & Gas App l i ca t ions

Compressor Set and
Mechanical Drive

Page 2


Mars® 90 and 100 Compressor Set
and Mechanical Drive

Solar Turbines Incorporated
P.O. Box 85376
San Diego, CA 92186-5376

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Page 41

Turbomachinery Package Specification Mars 90 and 100 Compressor Set and Mechanical Drive

Figure 17. Typical TT4000 Operation Summary Screen

Figure 18. Typical TT4000 Strip Chart Screen

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Page 42

Turbomachinery Package Specification Mars 90 and 100 Compressor Set and Mechanical Drive

Figure 19. Typical TT4000S Engine Summary Screen

10.5.2 TT4000S Display Screens

The TT4000S displays a comparable set of screens to the full TT4000 except that the
data is in numerical form and graphics are limited (Figure 19).

10.5.3 TT4000 Data Collection and Display

The Discrete Event Log records changes in status for all defined discrete inputs,
including operator commands, alarms and shutdown annunciations, and key sequencing
and status signals. Up to 5000 events are stored and can be viewed and sorted by
Analog Data are collected and saved to disk. The standard data files are:
Hourly Log - data are read at hourly intervals for 2 years. Each year’s data are stored in
a separate file. Data are recorded whether or not the equipment is operating.
Minute Log - data are read and stored at one-minute intervals for the previous 62 days,
one file for each day.
10 Second Log - data are read at 10-second intervals for the previous 31 days, one file
for each day.
Trigger Log - data are read at one-second intervals for 6 minutes before a “trigger” event
that is defined in the software. The standard trigger is a shutdown. Six minutes before the
trigger of data are written to a file. Up to 50 trigger logs files can be stored.

10.5.4 TT4000 Display Language

In addition to English, dual language screens are available with English and Spanish
(Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), French, German or Chinese (simplified). Other
languages can be provided as custom features.

10.5.5 TT4000 Operating Modes

There are two operating modes for the TT4000 software: Design Time and Run Time.
Design Time is used to create or modify a project’s working files. Run Time uses those
files in the normal equipment operation.

10.5.6 Supervisory Control Interfaces

The Turbotronic 4 control system can transmit data to, and receive control instructions
from, a supervisory control system. All analog data and the status of all discrete values
are available for transmittal. Interface modules mount in the controller rack and connect
through the rack’s backplane. Available connections are:

© 2009 Solar Turbines Incorporated. All rights reserved. TPS90-100CSMD/309 41

Page 81

Turbomachinery Package Specification Mars 90 and 100 Compressor Set and Mechanical Drive

Abbreviations (Cont’d)
hp Horsepower
HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
in. Inch
in. Hg Inches of Mercury
in. H2O Inches of Water
IP Ingress Protections
IR Infrared
IS Intrinsically Safe
ISO International Standards Organization
Isoch Isochronous
ITP Inspection and Test Plan
kcal Kilocalorie
kg Kilogram
kJ Kilojoule
kPa Kilopascal
ksi 1000 pounds/square inch
kw Kilowatt
L Liter
LR Lloyd’s Register
m Meter
mm Millimeter
MMSCFD Millions of Standard* Cubic Feet/Day
MPa Mega Pascal
Mph Miles per Hour
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning
MSA Manufacturing Survey Arrangement
m2 Square Meter
m3 Cubic Meter
m3/min Cubic Meters/Minute
N Newton
N/m2 Pascal
NACE National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NEC National Electrical Code
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NFPA U.S. National Fire Protection Agency
Ngp Speed, Gas Producer
Nm3/h Normal** Cubic Meters/Hour
Npt Speed, Power Turbine
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
ODP Open Drip Proof
OMI Operation and Maintenance Instruction
OSHA U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control
Pcd Pressure, Compressor Discharge
PED Pressure Equipment Directive

© 2009 Solar Turbines Incorporated. All rights reserved. TPS90-100CSMD/309 80

Page 82

Turbomachinery Package Specification Mars 90 and 100 Compressor Set and Mechanical Drive

Abbreviations (Cont’d)

PF Power Factor
PIL Product Information Letter
PMG Permanent Magnet Generator
psi Pounds/Square Inch
psia Pounds/Square Inch Absolute
psig Pounds/Square Inch Gauge
rpm Revolutions Per Minute
RTD Resistance Temperature Device
scf Standard* Cubic Foot
scfd Standard* Cubic Feet/Day
scfm Standard* Cubic Feet/Minute
sm3/h Standard*** Cubic Meters/Hour
SoLoNOx Solar Proprietary Low Emissions System
SP Spar Platform
sq Square
TEAAC Totally Enclosed Air-To-Air Cooled
TEWAC Totally Enclosed Water-To-Air Cooled
TLP Tension Leg Platform
UHC Unburned Hydrocarbon
UL Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
USCG United States Coast Guard
UV Ultraviolet
VAC Voltage, Alternating Current
VAR Volt Amp Reactive
VDC Voltage, Direct Current
VFD Variable Frequency Drive
VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnated
* “Standard” = 60°F, 14.7 psia
** “Normal” = 0°C, 1.01325 x 105 Pascals
*** “Standard” = 15°C, 760 mm Hg

© 2009 Solar Turbines Incorporated. All rights reserved. TPS90-100CSMD/309 81

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