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MGMT 404 – Final Project Package Parent 30

Lessons Learned

1. What went well in the project? What could have gone better?

a. I enjoyed being allowed to work on a project that I was already in the middle of

planning; it was a great way to apply the concepts of this class into real-world

decision-making and planning. However, had I really understood how MS

Project works and in what ways it is beneficial to planning, I would have chosen a

different project, as the effort-driven tasks, task durations, resource

overallocations, and cost calculations were a pain to deal with because they didn’t

directly translate into the program the way other projects would.

2. What did you learn in completing this project about yourself and how

you work in a team environment?

a. I learned that, for better or for worse, I do kind of prefer to work alone. I have

had trouble in the past with trusting my teammates to get their part of the work

done, and I’ve been burnt more than a few times. I do prefer being the only one

responsible, because I know what’s getting done and what isn’t, I know when I

need to ask for help, and I know that whatever grade I get is completely reflective

of my work, and not getting dragged down by someone else’s poor performance

(which is what happened to me last semester). I would hope that in a professional

environment (i.e. not school), team members are open and honest with each other,

don’t rely on other members of the team to do their work, and are really

committed to putting together a quality project and helping each other to make it

better, and not slacking off and riding on more motivated team members’ coat-


3. What could have made this project a better learning experience?

a. Unfortunately, a lot of MS Project really “clicked” with me about 2/3 of the way

through the project. Before, I knew what some of the features were from the

iLabs, but a lot of them didn’t directly apply to my project until later in the

semester. I would suggest a more structured approach to the Course Project,

because I personally don’t have any experience with Project Management, or

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MGMT 404 – Final Project Package Parent 31

opening a business, or remodeling a backyard, or any of the other

recommendations for project subjects. That’s why I chose my wedding, it was

familiar, but it just didn’t translate well into the Course Objectives. While I don’t

think students need to be spoon-fed the content for their projects, I think perhaps a

packet or some other kind of boost to help them understand how everything

comes together in a project and how MS Project can help would be a really good


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and during my interview with Keller School of

Management to discuss my degree program for graduate school, I decided that rather than focus

exclusively on Human Resources (as was my original plan with getting an MHRM), I will most

likely pursue an MBA with an emphasis in Project Management. I’m looking forward to taking

more classes and learning more about the intricacies of Project Management, and I believe it will

serve me well in my next career, because it truly does translate across a wealth of different

business concepts.

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