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Mind Control (Electronic)

Can the government, or more appropriately, the CIA, read your thoughts? Even worse, can they "Implant Thoughts" into your head? Would
that be the ultimate Mind Control, if they could control what you actually think and yet, you could never even detect it?

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest this is the case. More and more these days we here about mass murderers quoted as saying "I
hear voices in my head" or "A voice told me to do it". Is this a mass phenomena, a coincidence? Or is it the result of years of research and
work by the CIA into secret electronic methods of mind control?

Mind control comes in many forms. Poisoning of our food supply, pharmaceutical and hard drugs, Monarch and personality imprinting, and
Electronic, as well. Electronic mind control may be the most effective, in that it is practically invisible and not so easily detected. We are
constantly surrounded by wires and antennas broadcasting everything from radio and T.V. signals to power plants and electrical grids and
power lines. All of this has a subtle effect on our "subtle energy systems", i.e. Chakras. There are studies that have been done, particularly in
Australia, which document the dangers of Cellular frequency and the increased rate of Brain Tumors and cancers. This information should not
surprise anyone. But, is there a more planned, directed attack on people through electronic warfare? Absolutely!!

Electronics and sound come together when you are dealing with frequency. You can create an electronic device to produce specific
frequencies. Frequencies, by themselves can shatter glass, explode an object, including a person, and affect the nature of energies already
present at various earth locations. Frequencies combined with particular oscillation rates can do things you wouldn't even imagine. So, what
has the military been doing with this technology?

Creating Mind Control Weapons, What Else?

Of course the Soviets were into this stuff a while before we were, but leave it to the Secret Societies to build up Russia enough so that the
American Intelligence agencies would have to compete. Problem -Reaction - Solution. The Masonic Way.

So, during the 1950's our own Military got involved in this research, and today the original MK-ULTRA project has secretly evolved into
something much more devastating.

There is speculation that HAARP involves elements of this "Electronic Mind Control". There is a system of Towers around the United States
that are linked to HAARP in Alaska.

There has been talk for years that a Freemason backed leader would emerge and appear to the world to be "Christ". His name is
Maytreiya and he is promoted by a man by the name of Benjamin Creme. He is promoted by the Philosophical Research Society, a Masonic
Institution, and Creme's lectures are occasionally held at Masonic Lodges. By now, many people have heard of him. It has been said, that one
day, when he is ready, Maytreiya will emerge again, and his message will be broadcast on television, but that everyone, whether watching, or
not, will "Hear his Voice". It has been suspected that it would take a Nation-Wide electronic signal system utilizing this very technology, in
order to accomplish this, hence the suspicion of HAARP.

The specific technology used to accomplish this is called " RHIC-EDOM", which stands for "Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control &
Electronic Dissolution of Memory". The following information, (since I can't provide hundreds of details from my own brain,) is taken from a
few books, which in turn rely on info. from other books as well. The main books are "Psychic Dictatorship in America" by Alex Constantine
and "Operation Mind Control" by Walter Bowart :

From Chapter 1 : Hearing "Voices" : (The Hidden history of CIA and Pentagon Electromagnetic Mind Control Experiments on Involuntary
Human Subjects :

Ricardo S. Caputo was a very disturbed man, as the New York Times blared : "Inner Voices Demand Blood : Confession Diary in the
Killing of 4 Women".
In dozens of sessions with his Attorney and Psychiatrist, Caputo spoke of hearing "bizarre voices" and "seeing hallucinations" when driven
to murderous fits. He described the three personalities inside him. In his diary, the killer wrote of his violent moods, proceeded by "broad
lines" crossing his vision whenever his emotional state deteriorated and the voices tauted him into a murderour rage.
Desperate, Caputo turned to his brotherAlfredo and hired an attorney. Heeding their advice, he surrendured to the Argentine authorities, but
"police and judges simply threw up their hands", the Times reported, claiming that since no charges were pending against him, he could not
be arrested, no matter how many crimes he confessed to". In his diary Caputo described the four killings, the "broad lines" scoring his vision
when his emotions swung out of control and the voices harassed him. "The voices", he said, "did not let me have any peace".
An equally repugnant story was told by Carl Campbell, described by his mother as a troubled man haunted by "voices". On May 5, 1991,
Carl strolled to a bus stop in the Pentagon parking lot and emptied 5 pistol rounds into the chest and abdomen of Navy CommanderEdward
J. Higgins, an arms control specialist for the DoD. Campbell was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.
Psychologists submitted a report to U.S. Magistrate W. Curtis Sewell in Alexandria. In it, they wrote that Campbell claimed the CIA had
"injected" him with a micro-chip that controlled his mind. In fact, there is a little known technique used by the CIA for injecting a computer chip
into the bloodstream, which delivers it to the brain where it catches and lodges. (Constantine documents this from an article titled "Brain
Transmitters : What they are and how they are used" from Mediaeko Investigative Reporting Group, Oct. 1993 - Pg. 4 - "Liquid Crystals which
are injected directly into the bloodstream" fasten to the brain.)
The question is, how did Campbell, ruled mentally incompetant by the court, a gibbering psychotic, become familiar with an obscure
procedure for implanting a biomedical telemetry chip?

Early Giants of Remote Mind Control

The CIAs experiments in radio control of the brain are based on the development of the EEG in the 1920's. In 1934, doctor's Chaffee and
Light published a pivotal monograph, "A Method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System". Work along the same

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lines allowed Dr. Jose Delgado of Cordoba, Spain to climb into bull-ring and, with the push of a button, trigger an electrode in the head of a
charging bull and stop the beast in it's tracks.
Further groundbreaking advances were made by L.L. Vasiliev, the famed Russian Physiologist and doyan of parapsychology, in "Critical
Evaluation of the Hypnogenic Method". The article detailed the experiments of Dr. I.F. Tomashevsky in remote radio control of the brain "at a
distance of one or more rooms and under conditions that the participant would not know or suspect that she would be experimented
with...One such experiment was carried out in a park at a distance," Vasiliev reported, and "a post-hypnotic mental suggestion to go to sleep
was complied with within a minute."
By 1956, Curtiss Shafer, an electrical engineer for the Norden - Ketay Corporation, could explore the possibilities at the National
Electronics Conference in Chicago. "The ultimate achievement of bio-control may be man himself," Shafer said, "The controlled subjects
would never be permitted to think as individuals. A few months after birth, q surgeon would equip each child with a socket mounted under the
scalp and electrodes reaching selected areas of brain tissue". In this Psycho-Arcadia, "sensory perceptions and muscular activity could
either be modified or completely controlled by bioelectric signals radiating from state-controlled transmitters." -(From the Hidden Persuaders
- Vance Packard, David McKay, 1957)
The CIA had already rished headlong into Shafer's EMR dystophia with the founding of an experimental mind control clinic in Montreal,
directed by the notorious Dr. Ewen Cameron, M.D. on grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and J.D. McConnell of the Montreal Star.
Another pool of funding was the Gerschickter Foundation, named for Dr. Charles Gerschickter of Georgetown University Hospital, who had
tested potent drugs on mental patients and the terminally ill, and bombarded monkeys with radar waves until they passed out at the behest of
the CIA. (From "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate : The CIA and Mind Control - by John Marks, 1979, P. 202-203)
Allen Memorial was housed in a limestone mansion atop Mount Royal, donated by Sir Hugh Allen and staffed with emigre psychiatrists from
war-crushed Europe.
Cameron shared a bloodles, sadistic character with the Nazis he analyzed early in his carreer. Allen Memorial opend in 1942. Three years
later, he was invited to Nuremberg to evaluate the mental state of Rudolph Hess. In Germany, Cameron could dissect the abberations of
fascist rule. Dr. Harvey Weinstein, a psychiatrist who's father was a guinea pig for Cameron's mind control experiments, writes that Germany
was "a laboratory in which the issues of authority, powerlessness, individual motivation, and behaviour could be examined" (From "A Father,
a Son, and the CIA - by Harvey Weinstein, 1988) and ruthlessly applied in montreal. Cameron's early revulsion at Nazi violence gave way to a
growing elitist sensibility. His scorn for the weak, including his own mentally crippled patients, qualified him for the carnage to come.
In 1992, Retired Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, formerly a Pentagon liaison to the CIA, told author Dick Russell that Allen Memorial "was pretty
well organized." : Prouty wrote "If you get ahold of a directory for the American Psychiatric Association in around 1956 or 1957, you'll be
surprised to find that an enormous percentage of the individuals listed are foreign-born. Mostly they came out of Germany and Eastern
Europe in a big wave. They were all called "technical specialists", but really they were psychiatrists. They went into jobs at universities mostly -
but many were working on these 'unconventional' mind control programs for U.S. intelligence....These would go to people like Dr. Cameron in
Not one of Cameron's patients was ever cured in the Radio Telemetry Laboratory, a makeshift torture chamber assembled in the celler of
his own private Bedlam. The financial underpinnings for the experiments came from Cornell's Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology,
a CIA front. Cameron's right-hand man was Leonard Rubenstein, an electrical whiz of Cockney descent who lacked medical bona fides, but
passionately exercised a fascination with remote brain control. He forsaw the telemetry lab as the foundation of a sprawling psychopolitical
Apparat "that will keep tabs on people without their knowing", as he told a fellow staffer. (From "Journey into Madness" by Gordon Thomas)
Cameron's left hand was Dr. Walter Freeman, who had performed no less that 4,000 frontal labotomies in 20 years of practice - often on
patients suffering only mild depression or paranoia. Dr. Freeman went on to become a sucessful San Francisco brain specialist.
The psychotronic heart of the laboratory was the Grid Room, with verticed Amazing Tales interior. The subject was strapped into a chair
involuntarily, by force, his head bristling with electrodes and tranducers. Any resistance was met with a paralyzing dose of curare. The
subject's brainwaves were beamed to a nearby reception room crammed with voice analyzers, a wire recorder and radio recievers cobbled
together by Rubenstein. The systematic annihilation or "depatterning" of a subjects mind and memory, was accomplished with overdoses of
LSD, barbiturate sleep for 65 days at a stretch and ECT shocks at 75 times the recommended dosage. Psychic driving, the repetition of a
recorded message for 16 hours a day, programmed the empty mind. Fragile patients referred to Allen Memorial for help were thus turned into
carbuncular jellyfish. (From "The Experiments of Dr. D. Ewen Cameron by David Remnick, Washington Post 7-28-85, and reprinted in the
Congressional Record 8-1-85 - Dr. Weinstein told the Post that the experiments left his father a "poor pathetic man with no memory, no life". It
was "a nightmare that never ends".
Yet Cameron, before his death in 1967, was President of the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations.
His work in brain emmissions was balanced elsewhere by experiments in reception. Honeywell Inc, for instance, launched into "a method to
penetrate inside a man's mind and control his brainwaves over long distance". (From "Were We Controlled by Lincoln Lawrence, 1967) The
Scientific Engineering Institute in Boston, another CIA cover, was established in 1956 to study radar. In 1962 the SEI set up a "Life Sciences"
lab to study the effects of electrodes deep within the brain. At the National Institutes of Health Dr. Maitland Baldwin beamed radio signals into
the brains of lobotomized monkeys. His CIA monitors noted weird excesses : in one experiment Baldwin decapitated a monkey and
transplanted it's head to the body of another, then attempted to restore it to life with radar saturation.
At Langley, the experiments were presided over by Dr. Stephen Aldrich, a patron of occult research, forshadowing the use of mind control
technology by satanic cults in the 1980's and 90's, according to Julianne McKinney, director of the Electronic Surveillance Project of the
Association of National Security Alumni. Dr. Aldrich, a graduate of Amherst and Northwestern, took control of The Firm's Office of Research
and Development (ORD) in 1962 upon the departure of Sidney Gottleib. The occasion marked the birth of Operation Often, an investigation
of the occult. With Houston sorceress Sybil Leek as their guide, CIA behaviorists studied the arcana of the occult underground.
The SEI contributed a social laboratory to Often in 1972 at the University of South Carolina in the form of a course in rituals of demonology
and voodoo.
In 1965, the New York Times learned of obscure electronic experiments quietly funded by the government, and went tabloid with the front-
Dr. David Krech, a pyschology professor at the University of California, warned that "our research may carry with it even more serious
implications than the awful, in both senses of the word, achievements of the atomic physicists". When leaks to the press exposed the horror
stories, he said "let us not find ourselves in the position of being caught foolishly surprised, naively perplexed and touchingly full of publicly
displayed guilt".
On May 6th, Dr. Delgado, the Spanish bulltamer and post-war Yale researcher, closed a lecture on the evolution of the brain at the
American Museum of Natural History in New York with the announcement that "science has developed a new electrical methodology for the
study and control of cerebral function in animals and humans."

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Operation Bloodbath

Encouraged by progress in transforming human beings into cordless automatons, the CIA picked up the pace. Two years before Dr.
Krech's admonition, a CIA manual was prepared on the electronic wizardry of Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC), originally
developed by the Pentagon, according to a 1975 issue of Modern People : When a part of your brain recieves a tiny electrical impulse from
outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc. , an emotion is produced -- anger at the sight of a gang of boys beating an old woman for
example. The same emotions of anger can be created by artificial radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You could instantly feel the
same white hot anger without any apparent reason.
The objective of Project ARTICHOKE, the CIA's umbrella remote mind control program in the 1950's was the creation of a "manchurian"
killer-puppet with a revolver and a memory like a steel sieve, both emptied by electrical stimulation.
The technology existed by the early 1960's to support the contention of former FBI agent Lincoln Lawrence (an alias) and researcher Art
Ford in the classic investigation of CIA mind control ops "Were We Controlled?" - that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Hypnogenic Assassin - with
a malfunctioning electrical implant in his head.
That a political assassin could be directed from afar to strike on cue is not so implausible as it may seem to the uninitiated. The author's
reconstruction holds up as well today as it did in 1968, when the book was published. If only persons involved with the book proved as
durable. Lawrence's attorney, the late Martin Sheiman was gunned down inside the Time-Life building. A condensation of the book by Damon
Runyon, Jr. (an adherant to New Orlean's D.A. Jim Garrison's re-creation of the Kennedy Assassination) was preempted by death. In April,
1968, the celebrated writer suffered a mortal fall from a bridge in Washington, D.C.'s Rock Creek Park.
The CIA circle inside the "inferno" swelled with odd death, dissappearances and "suicides".
In 1975, Herman Kimsey, a veteran Army counter-intelligence operative and a ranking CIA official until his resignation in 1962, surfaced
posthumously in Hugh McDonald's "Appointment in Dallas : "Oswald was programmed to kill", Kimsey told McDonald, "like a medium at a
seance. Then the mechanism went on the blink and Oswald became a dangerous toy without direction". Three weeks after the interview,
Kimsey perished of heart failure.
Likewise, Oswald crony David Ferrie, a CIA pilot and hypnotist, was found dead in his New Orleans apartment, surrounded by fifteen empty
medicine bottles, a seeming suicide. But the coroner's final ruling was that the cause of death was a berry aneurysm. Forensic specialists
ventured that the blood vessal had hemorrhaged as the result of a karate blow to the back of his head. Raiding police carted off Ferrie's
effusive notes on hypnosis and a pile of books on post-hypnotic suggestion. His cohorts went into hiding after his death, but one, Jack Martin,
surfaced long enough, according to Walter Bowart in Operation Mind Control, to suggest that "Oswald had been programmed by Ferrie to go
to Dallas and kill the President.
A shadow cabinet of intelligence officials guided the CIA's remote mind control program. The reigning Big Brother was Richard Helms,
then plans director, a product of the Eastern cryptocracy (hid grandfather was the first director of the Bank for Internation Settlements, and
past president of the Federal Reserve.), and a former United Press reporter, in which capacity he interviewed Adolph Hitler in 1937. In the
wake of the Bay of Pigs tragedy, Helms was selected by CIA Director John McCone to run the "dirty tricks" department. Appointed to the
position of Director of Central Intelligence in 1966, he left the agenct 6 years later. Before departing, Helms kept the secrets by ordering the
destruction of all files relating to MK-ULTRA.
He was a Machiavelli with a mission. An avid proponent of telemetry as a form of low-intensity warfare, Helms commandeered a vast
research network in pusuit of such subtle depth persuasion techniques as the transmission of strategic subliminal messages to the brain of
enemy populations. He advocated the use of hiogh frequencies to affect memory and even the unconscious. Helms ordered up a scientific
cabal to study automata theory. In a memo to the Warren Commission, he made mention of "biological radio communication". The 1964
memo was prophetic. Helms : "Cybernetics can be used in molding of a child's character, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the
ammassing of experience, the establishment of social behavior patterns.... all functions which can be summerized as control of the growth
process of the individual.
Cybernetics technology that responds to thought was in the offing. In his memo, Helms diverted attention from CIA funded research and
development by alluding to the Soviets. But then they had no technology the U.S. did not also have, he conceded.
A subsequent CIA directive, summerized in a brochure on the "Cybernetic Technique" distributed by Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a
research front in the District of Columbia, gleefully discusses the Agency's development of a "means by which information in modest rate can
be fed to humans utilizing other senses than sight or hearing." The Cybernetic Technique, "based on Eastern European research," involves
beaming information to individual nerve cells. The purpose, the directive states, is the enhacement of mental and physical performance.
The cyborg was born.

Cyborg Nazis and the Masers of Pandora

In 1965, upon discovering the microwave dousing of the American Embassy in Moscow, the DoD's secretive Advanced Research Projects
Agency (ARPA) set up a laboratory at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington D.C. ARPA had already develpoed a
prodigeous arsenal of electromagnetic weapons. Dr. Jose Delgado (whose work with radio waves was underwritten by the CIA and Navy)
thought these invisible weapons "more dangerous than atomic destruction". With knowledge of the brain, he said, "we may transform, we may
shape, direct Robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is... that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they
have been robotized". Touching, but Delgado's sudden fit of conscience was belated. America's EM arsenal owes it's very existence to his
brain transponder experiments, which robotized humans.
But the beaming of the American Embassy was an unexpected turn in the Invisible Cold War. What were the Ruskies up to?
The Moscow Signal, Paul Brodeur speculates in "The Zapping of America, may be a perennial stern warning to the DoD to curb any
geopolitical ambitions that EM weapons might inspire. He also interpretes the Signal as retaliation for "the threat or fact of unwarranted
irradiation of their population by powerful electromagnetic devices that now encircle them and look down on them from outer space."
Baffled officials of the intelligence community consulted experts on the biological effects of the radiation. Dr. Milton Zaret, a leading
microwave scientist recruite by PANDORA, recalls that the CIA inquired "whether I thought electromagnetic radiation beamed at the brain
from a distance could affect the way a person might act", and "could microwaves be used to facilitate brainwashing or to break down
prisoners under investigation". The State Department chose to keep the Signal a secret from embassy employees - and studied the side-
effects instead. Ambassador Stoessel's office was situated in the beam's center. He fell prey to a blood disease, bleeding eyes, nausea, and
eventually lymphoma. Two other State Department employees, Charles Bohlen and Llewellyn Thompson have been stricken with cancer. The
existence of the Soviet beam was only acknowledged in the U.S. in 1976, in response to a Jack Anderson column.
In 1965, the Pentagon's investigation of microwaves was "broadened to include ARPA and code-named Project PANDORA, based at the
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. PANDORA scientists began by zapping monkeys to study the biological effects of highly

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concentrated microwave frequencies. Similar studies were conducted at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Kansas City, the University
of Rochester, Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, Johns Hopkins, MIT, the Mitre Corporation, the University of Pennsylvania, and scores of other
domestic and foreign research laboratories.
CIA researchers, meanwhile, explored other bands of the EM spectrum. The ubiquitous Dr. Delgado blasted the amygdala and
hippocampus of four of his patients with radio waves. He reported that they experienced sundry emotions, sensations, and "coloured visions".
Scientists at the National Institutes of Health duplicated Rubenstein's medieval telemetry lab at Allen Memorial. And at UCLA, Dr. Ross Adey
(who worked closely with emigre Nazi technicians after WWII) rigged the brains of lab animals to transmit to a radio reciever, which shot
signals back to a device that sparked any behavior desired by the researcher. (From Mind Control - by Larry Collins, Playboy, Jan. 1990 P.
Such gadgets have turned up in startling places.
In "The Controllers", Martin Cannon argues that the brain transmitters and "stimoceivers" of the 1960's were "similar to those now viewed in
(UFO) Abductee MRI scans." The press ceased coverage of brain telemetry experiments in the mid-seventies. But Cannon's study of
abduction accounts led him to conclude that effects of brain stimulation "can now be elicited with microwaves and other forms of
electromagnetic radiation, with and without electrodes".

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