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TitleMoney - A Love Story - Kate Northrup
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CHAPTER 1: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
CHAPTER 2: It’s Not about the Money
CHAPTER 3: Woo-Woo Meets Cha-Ching
CHAPTER 4: You’ve Got You, Babe
CHAPTER 5: What Can You Do to Pay Attention?
CHAPTER 6: You Owe You
CHAPTER 7: Feel-Good Financial Planning
CHAPTER 8: True Financial Freedom
Conclusion: But Seriously, What’s the Point?
Appendix: Financial Freedom Freeways
About the Author
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Page 2

Praise for Money: A Love Story

“Stop letting money matters be a
source of pain in your life. Read

and allow Kate
Northrup to become your new best

friend as she guides you, step by step,
down the financial freedom trail. Her
fresh, creative approach to handling
money is sure to leave you feeling
empowered and eager to build the

wealth you deserve. I loved this book!”

— Cheryl Richardson, author of The
Art of Extreme Self-Care and Take Time

for Your Life

“ is a real
breakthrough book! Combining the

Page 342

Chapter 5


I was a freshman in college. I was
settling in to living away from home for
the first time, being responsible for most
of my expenses, and so on. I had started
my USANA business that year and the
seeds I planted over the summer were
finally blooming. As I said, my income
was above average for an 18-year-old,
and before long, so were my expenses,
so there was never anything much left
over at the end of the month. My mom

Page 682

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