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The Company¶s Supply Chain

The Company is located in Beaverton, Oregon, but almost all of their production is carried out
abroad. The sales growths outside the Unites States exceed its domestic sales, (according to its
Annual report in 2003).


  Nike Company is also involved on design, development and marketing worldwide, they
strategically make use of contract manufacturers, externally, to make their products. Its Apparel
and equipment manufacturing are produced locally and abroad, but virtually all shoes are
manufactured outside the country.

 Materials used in its production

The Company takes most of its materials from local suppliers, based in the manufacturing
locations, but other specialized materials which are not available locally, are imported.

 N ike Shoes:

Leather, Rubber, Plastic compounds, Foam, Cushion materials, Nylon, Polyurethane films and

Threads, Metal Hardware, specialized performance fabrics and, natural and synthetic fabrics

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