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TitleObjective Question - 1 ( Information Theory and Coding)
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21. H(X) = m

∑ pi log2 (_______)


a) pi b) pk

c) 1/pi d)1/ pk

22.. Average rate of information going into the channel is

given as,_____

a) Din= H(X) b) Din= rH(X)

c) Din= H(Y) d) Din= rH(y)

23. Average rate of information transmission Dt across

the channel______

a) Dt = [H(X)-H(X/Y)] b) Dt = [H(Y)-H(X/Y)]

c) Dt =[H(X)-H(X/Y)]r d) Dt = [H(X)+H(X/Y)]

24. In case of errorless transmission H(X/Y)=0,Hence


a) H(X) b) Dt

c) H(Y) d) rH(X)

25. Mutual Information is represented as,________

a) I(X/Y) b) I(X;Y)

c) I(X,Y) d) I(X:Y)

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