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                            Lawrence Diamond
1		11-15, 2+ 
1/		11-15, in principle 5+ cards.  Exception: KQJx  xx  xx  AQxxx
2/		Weak two
	4NT	Good 5 of a minor opening (ex Ax x x KQJ10xxxxx = 9 tricks)
		Higher bids same as if no double
Typically 5-4-2-2 or with stiff honor
	Responder’s jump = splinter
		Artificial, demands relay to 2, and then …
		Unspecified strong (20+) 3-suiter … 2N by responder asks for strength and singleton.   After the 2N ask …
Tend to bid 1NT with all balanced hands
	Balanced 9+, no stopper or awkward
		Doubles – General Rules
Jumps to 3-level by PH are fit-showing in or out of comp
1M-(preempt)-4M … responder is in control of auction
Try to avoid opening 1NT with a 5-card major
	Interference over 10-13 NT
1N (P) P (X) P (P) … now DONT style for responder’s bids and XX
If they double after 2-2, XX ix business, otherwise system on
XX shows good hand, sort of feature ask not forcing pass
We play above asking bids over 4M opening – can’t play in new suit
On after our weak two bids are doubled (or 2 with 2 overcall)

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