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                            Lawrence Diamond
1		11-15, 2+ 
1/		11-15, in principle 5+ cards.  Exception: KQJx  xx  xx  AQxxx
2/		Weak two
	4NT	Good 5 of a minor opening (ex Ax x x KQJ10xxxxx = 9 tricks)
		Higher bids same as if no double
Typically 5-4-2-2 or with stiff honor
	Responder’s jump = splinter
		Artificial, demands relay to 2, and then …
		Unspecified strong (20+) 3-suiter … 2N by responder asks for strength and singleton.   After the 2N ask …
Tend to bid 1NT with all balanced hands
	Balanced 9+, no stopper or awkward
		Doubles – General Rules
Jumps to 3-level by PH are fit-showing in or out of comp
1M-(preempt)-4M … responder is in control of auction
Try to avoid opening 1NT with a 5-card major
	Interference over 10-13 NT
1N (P) P (X) P (P) … now DONT style for responder’s bids and XX
If they double after 2-2, XX ix business, otherwise system on
XX shows good hand, sort of feature ask not forcing pass
We play above asking bids over 4M opening – can’t play in new suit
On after our weak two bids are doubled (or 2 with 2 overcall)
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1♣ Forcing, could be 16 balanced 1-2 NV

1♦ 11-15, 2+ ♦

1♥/♠ 11-15, in principle 5+ cards. Exception: KQJx xx xx AQxxx
Usually open the major, even with a longer minor

1NT 13+-16, 10-13 (1-2 NV) avoid 5-card major, can be 2245 with 5m

2♣ 11-15, 6+ ♣, could be 5♣ in 3rd seat
2♦ 11-15, short ♦, weak two in 3rd seat
2♥/♠ Weak two
2NT 21-22

3♣ /♦/♥/♠ Normal pre-empts, rule of 2/3/4
3NT 1st/2nd seat: Broken 7-8 card minor.

3rd/4th seat: Gambling; partner should not remove.

4♣ /♦ 1st/2nd/4th seat: NAMYATS – 8 to 8.5 tricks in major (9-9.5 in 4th)
3rd seat: Natural and preemptive

4♥/♠ Natural, NAMYATS in 1st/2nd seat (< 8 tricks)
4NT Good 5 of a minor opening (ex Ax x x KQJ10xxxxx = 9 tricks)
5♣ /♦ Pre-emptive five-level minor suit opening

5♥/♠ Solid hand missing AK of trumps

Can open very light in 3rd seat NV. Example: KQxx xx Kxx xxxx

In 1st and 2nd, opening bids of 1♦/♥/♠ should promise at least 3 controls


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Support Doubles and Redoubles

Through and including 3 of our major.

If they bid 2 of our major:
Double = penalty if natural
Double = 3+ card support if Q-bid

After a support double, responder’s actions (except Q-bid) are never forcing … a new
suit is an attempt to play there.

Support doubles are not on when responder negative doubles.

Misc Auctions

(1♥) P (P) X 1♥ (X) P (1♠)
(2♥) X Penalty P (P) 1NT Minors

1♠ (P) 2♠ (X)
XX Forcing to double or 3♠ (but not if we’ve passes 2♠ response)

(1♦) P (1M) P (2♥) P (3♥) P
(1NT) P (P) X Penalty (P) X Penalty or light

(1♥) P (1any) X
(2♥) X Penalty

1NT (2suit) X (P) 1♦ (1♥) 1♠ (2♥)
2NT Natural P (P) X (P) Now 2NT = natural

1any (X) P (any bid)
P (P) X Penalty … double is also penalty if they overcalled

General rule: opener’s 2NT is natural, potentially weak hand’s 2NT is takeout.

If we respond in comp, and then reopen(non-jump), it is NF. Must double or cuebid to
force (even if they preempt and we reopen on high level).


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Asking Bids

Trump Asking Bids
Only in big club auctions:

1♣-1M-2M (on in comp as long as opener got to raise 1M to 2M)
S1=5-6/0, S2=5/1, S3=5/2, S4=6/1, S5=6/2, S6=5-6/3

1♣-1NT-2♣-2♦/♥ or 2♣-2♦-2♥-2♠-3♦/♥ … JACK ASK when suit bid
S1=0/3, S2=1/3, S3=1/3 + J, S4=2/3, S5=2/3 + J, S6=3/3, S7=3/3+J

Control Asking Bids
Ask below 5♣: S1=none, S2=2nd, S3=1st, S4=AK
Subsequent ask in same suit: S1=length, S2=strength
We can play in 3NT after TAB or Jack ask, but not after Jacoby 2NT asks

1H-1S-3D-4C is a cuebid in support of diamonds (no new trump suits at 4-level).
1H-1S-3D-4D is keycard because no other unambiguous ask.


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