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Essay by Heidi Jahn

The word "yoga" means union - the union between the individual mind and universal

consciousness. Yoga Sutra, or The Threads of Union, was written by the sage Patanjali

in the third century BC. In Yoga Sutra Patanjali codified the teachings on Yoga which

had been passed down verbally for centuries. In a concise and profound way Patanjali

threads together series of aphorisms (threads), inspired by Advaita Vedanta and Hindu

philosophical tradition. Yoga Sutra consists of four chapters and 194 aphorisms


-Veronica Verai

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.25 Sadhana Pada

“The dissociation of Purusha and Prakriti brought about by
the dispersion of Avidya is the real remedy and that is the

liberation of the seer.”

Chapter two focuses on the effective practice (Sadhana Pada) of Yoga. “Sadhana means
spiritual practice. Yoga sadhana is something we "do" in order to move from a

disconnected spiritual state and connect more fully with spirit. Here we learn experientially
through practice.”


The following is my own interpretation and understanding of the Yoga Sutra Chapter
2, sutra 25 by Patanjali.

The Seer and Seen, Purusha(self/conciousness) and Prakriti(world/matter):

This is a concept of the world as most people see and experience it, as dualistic, that
there is a subject and an object, self and the world, consciousness and matter, whether
as a principle (purusha-prakriti) or expression (seer-seen). This really is simply a
matter of perception, a point of view that the mind perceives as real. It is one way of
understanding our experience of the world. I state most people as being those that are
not on a spiritual path.

Unfortunately, seeing the world from this angle is a rollercoaster of ups and downs,
fears and attachments, misunderstanding of our minds, uncontrolled thoughts and
feelings, no true concept or understanding of the self, false identity, these being some
of the Kleshas or afflictions that effect the un-awakened human experience.

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