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TitlePersonal Capture Guide
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Table of Contents
                            Welcome to Personal Capture!
	Getting Personal Capture Updates
Supported Web Cameras
	Test Protocol for an Unsupported Camera
	Tested Webcams
		Windows (Vista/7)
Set General Configuration
Set Server Configuration
Configure Recording Devices
	What Does It Mean to "Configure Devices"?
	How Do I Know What Devices to Configure?
	Configure the Recording Devices
	If You Are Using Two Cameras
Create a Recording
	Best Practice – Use the Keyboard Shortcuts
	Prepare to Record
	Start the Recording
	Pause and Resume a Recording
	Stop Recording
Review a Recording
Edit a Recording
	Trim  or "Top 'n Tail"
	Cut a Segment
	Clear Cuts
	Save Changes
Publish a Recording
	Select the Recording
	Review and Edit the Metadata
	Publish the Recording

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