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                            Social Network Analysis of Personal and Group Networks
SocioWorks: Integrated Web Platform for Applications of Social Network Analysis
SocioWorks Team
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SocioWorks Project Structure
SocioWorks Precursors
The Plan for Today
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Example of a Research Design in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social Influences
Questions (Proxy Measures)
Predictive Power of Social Influence
Questions about These Results
Social influence Intervention
Intervention too Generic? Factors that make social influence non-generic
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For instance …
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Two kinds of social network analysis
Not a Simple Dichotomy
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A note on the term “Egocentric”
Summary so far
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Social networks are unique
Content and shape of a social network may be influenced by many variables
How a whole network is formed
How a personal network is formed
Types of social network data
Personal Network CompositionAttribute summary file
Social network composition variables
Percent of alters from host country(personal networks)
Social Network StructureAdjacency matrix
Some Network Structural Metrics
Average Betweenness Centrality
Structural measures
Some applications of sociocentric network analysis
Many variables of interest to social scientists thought to be influenced by personal networks
How could we intervene in this network?
2. Designing a Social Network Study
Make sure you need a network study!
Sometimes the way we think and talk about who we know does not accurately reflect the social context
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Prevalence vs. Relationships
Sociocentric network data collection
Steps to a personal network survey
Selecting a Population
Modes of Survey Research
Sample Frames
Writing Questions
Name generators
Acculturation Example
Other Elicitation Options
Variables that might impact how names are recalled
Ways to control (select) bias
Limited or unlimited
Names or initials
Personal Network Peculiarities
Asking Questions about Alters
How well do you know…
Acculturation Example
Analyzing Compositional Data
Effect of compositional variables on migrant smoking
Asking about Ties Between Alters
“How likely is it that Alter A and Alter B talk to each other when you are not around?  That is, how likely is it that they have a relationship independent of you?”
Questions about Accuracy
Acculturation Example
Some Network Structural Procedures
Combining Composition and Structure
Personal Network VisualizationsHand-Drawn          vs.         Structural
Some Notes on Visualization
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3. Workshop with EgoNet
EgonetQB Design Screenshot
Study design
EgonetQB Design Screenshot
Egonet Design Screenshot
Egonet Design Screenshot
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Tutorial in EgoNet
Design Your Own Study
Analysis in EgoNet
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