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PSWs’ Experience of Collaboration 51

You might get an occasional RN that will help and push someone down to the

dining room or something like that, but it’s not part of their job detail […]

They’re sitting at the desk, they’re doing nurse work, that’s what they are doing,

it just seems unfair because of their job title.

This lack of involvement by some registered staff in the direct care of the residents from

the perspective of some PSWs has led to increased tension among staff. Participant 1

reflected on this:

I think that’s where the conflict comes from in this, the nursing staff, umm, they

make the decision. But when you are actually doing all the work and bring them

the information, but they get to make the decision, there’s a hardship there.

The varying roles and expectations are not only problematic in regards to PSW-

registered staff collaboration, but it is also prevents this process from occurring between

PSWs. One PSW expressed that if a resident is not a particular PSW’s assigned resident,

they do not feel the need to help if required. Participant 4 stated:

They don’t give a darn about them because they aren’t their residents. Yes,

they’ve been told they aren’t responsible for your resident. So, if they fall out of

bed and they don’t have their call bell on, they’re laying on the floor, that comes

on me and she [the other PSW] knows that.

Overall, the sentiment is that resident care is not a shared responsibility between the

team; it is that of one person, which adds support to the next sub-theme.

Time constraints. When considering the level of direct care provided by the

PSWs to residents in the home, another factor that negatively affects their experience of

collaboration was highlighted. All of the participants in the study discussed how time

constraints and task designation impede their ability to effectively work with others. One

participant stated that,

We don’t have a lot of time to talk to one another about residents, to other PSWs

or RPNs or nurses. We have to go from one [resident] to the other to the other, no

time in between, there’s not time for teamwork (Participant 4).

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