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C) Describe the work that must be done before the Sprint can end.
D) Describe the purpose, objective, and timebox of each Scrum event.
E) Guide the Development Team on how many Product Backlog items to do in a Sprint.

48. A Product Owner working with multiple teams
working on one product should maintain separate
Product Backlog for each team.

A) True
B) False

49. *The maximum length of the Sprint Review (its
timebox) is:

A) 2 hours.
B) 4 hours for a monthly Sprint. For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter.
C) As long as needed.
D) 1 day.
E) 4 hours and longer as needed.

50. What are advantages of Product Owner with a solid
product vision? (Choose 3 answers)

A) It gives a good overall direction so Sprints will feel less like isolated pieces
of work.

B) It is easier to inspect incremental progress at the Sprint Review.
C) It’s not mandatory in Scrum. There’s no real advantage.
D) It helps the Scrum Team keep focus and they can check any decision

against it, even within a Sprint.
E) It helps the Scrum Team to keep focus on when the complete Product Backlog

should be finished.

51.What activities would a Product Owner typically undertake in the
phase between the current Sprint Review meeting and the next
Sprint’ Sprint Planning?

A) Refining the Product Backlog.
B) Updating the project plan with stakeholders.
C) There are no such activities. The next Sprint starts immediately after the

current Sprint.
D) Working with the QA departments on the Increment of the current Sprint.

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