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Table of Contents
Chapter One Introduction Spirit, Science, and the Religions: Pneumatology and Philosophy of Nature in a Pluralistic World
	1.1 Thinking about Nature: Methodological Issues in the Science-and-Religion Discussion
	1.2 Considering the Religions: Interfaith Dialogue and the Buddhist-Christian Encounter
	1.3 Starting with the Spirit: Pneumatology and the Christian-Buddhist-Science Trialogue
Part One Pneuma: Divine Presence and Nature in the Theology and Science Dialogue
Chapter Two Spirit and Science: An Emerging Dialogue
	2.1 Spirit and Science: What Kind of Relationship?
	2.2 Spirit, Theology, and Science: Emerging Trajectories
	2.3 Pneumatology and Field Theory
Chapter Three Spirit and Creation: Pneumatology, Genesis 1, and Modern Science
	3.1 Spirit and the Creation Narrative
	3.2 Spirit and Emergence
	3.3 Spirit, Systems Theory, and Divine Activity
Chapter Four Spirit and Human Nature: The Breath of Life, Genesis 1–2, and the Neurosciences
	4.1 Genesis and the Emergence of the Human
	4.2 Mind, Body, and the Neurosciences
	4.3 Divine Presence and Contemporary Theological Anthropology
Part Two Shunyata: Nature and Science in Mahayana Buddhism
Chapter Five Buddhism and Contemporary Science
	5.1 The Buddhist-Science Dialogue: An Overview
	5.2 Mind and Life: Contemporary Tibetan Buddhism and Science
	5.3 Emptiness, Science, and the Kyoto School
Chapter Six Shunyata: The Nature of the World in Mahayana Traditions
	6.1 Madhyamaka and the Emergence of Shunyata
	6.2 Huayen: Emptiness and Form
	6.3 Basho and the Emptying “Field” in Contemporary Cosmology
Chapter Seven Self and Becoming Human in Buddhism and Science
	7.1 “Non-Self,” “True-Self,” and the Neurosciences
	7.2 Buddhist Contemplation and the Science of Consciousness
	7.3 Shunyata and Human Naturing
Part Three Pneuma and Shunyata: Nature, the Environment, and the Christian-Buddhist-Science Trialogue
Chapter Eight Spirit, Nature, Humanity: A Trialogical Conversation
	8.1 Pneuma and Shunyata: Science and Comparative Theology
	8.2 Pneuma and Pratityasamutpada: On Cosmology and Philosophy of Nature
	8.3 Pneuma and Anatman: On Human Being and Becoming
Chapter Nine Spirit and Method: Science, Religion, and Comparative Theology
	9.1 Interpreting the Human: Pneumato-christological Perspectives
	9.2 Interpreting the Cosmos: Pneumato-theological Approaches
	9.3 Method in Science and Religion: A Pneumatological Assist
Chapter Ten Spirit and Environment: Toward a Christian Ecological Ethic “After” Buddhism
	10.1 Pneumatological Theology and the Environment
	10.2 Buddhist Self-Emptying and the Environment
	10.3 Toward a Pneumato-ecological Ethic: Christian-Buddhist Convergences
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