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                            Questions for the Qualifying Exam for Principals
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Questions for the Qualifying Exam for

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Directions: Encircle the letter that corresponds to your answer in each of the following

1. The following are the characteristics of an effective child-friendly school EXCEPT one:
a. has the best interest of the child in mind an all learning activities
b. has a curriculum that addresses the child's learning needs as well as those of the
community and society
c. does not turn away any child from enrolling and attending classes for whatever reason
d. encourange children to think and decide for themselves, ask questions and express

2. A child friendly school should aspire for the following goals, EXCEPT one:
a. Encourage children's participation in school and community
b. Ensure children's high academic achievement and success
c. Enhance children's health and well being
d. Encourage sustained high enrollment and completion rate

3. The following are some of children's right EXCEPT one:
a. Children have the right to appropriate early reading instruction based
on their individual needs
b. Children have the right to well-prepared teachers who keep their skills
up to date through effective pro fessional development
c. Children have the right to classroom that optimize learning opportunities
d. Children have the right to school that have strong School-community linkages

4. The following are the components of the National Drug Education Program
a. curriculum and instruction
b. parent education and community outreach
c. pre-service and in-service training of teachers
d. ancilliary services, and research and evaluation

5. In promoting School Health Program, the principal may strengthen the following
School's Dental Service/Program EXCEPT one:

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a. Sodium Fluoride Mouthrinsing Project
b. Atraumatic Restorative Treatment
c. Teacher-Child Parent (TCP) Approach Program
d. "Bright Smiles. Bright Future" Program

b. School - Based Preventive Nephrology Project
c. School - Base Breakfast Feeding Program
d. School - Based Milk Feeding Project

7. The tax exemption allowed by law for Adopt - A - School donor/benefactor is equal to the:
a. amount being donated
b. donated amount plus 50%
c. fifty percent of amount donated
d. seventy-five percent of the amount donated

8. One of the tools used in CFSS ( Child Friendly School System) to track down
the pupil's participation in school is the:
a. Effective Teaching - Learning Guide
b. Student Tracking System
c. Gender Sensitivity Guide
d. Self Assessment Guide

9. This is one of the innovation introduced by DepEd to strengthen school - based
management through decentralized construction management and principal
empowerment with active participation of the community and technical
from professional engineers:
a. DPWH -Led School - Building Project
b. LGU - Led School Building Project
c. Principal - Led School Building Project
d. Principal - LGU Joint School Building Project

10. Per R.A 9184 ("An Act Providing for the modernization, Standardization
and Regulation of the procurement Activities the Government and other Purposes")
upholds the following principle in government procurement EXCEPT one:
a. Competitiveness by extending equal opportunity to all public and private
parties who are eligible and qualified to participate a public bidding
b. Transparency in the procurement process and in the implementation of
procurement contracts through wide dissemination of bid opportunities
and participation of pertinent non-government organization
c. System accountability is exclusively intended for the parties involved
d. Revised procurement process that will apply government procurement standards

11. Which of the following enhance the learning of preschooler?
a. always give reward and never punish
b. Activities should be hands-on and not written
c. use colorful, attractive and challenging materials
d. Make activities too easy , simple and for a short period of time

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