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                            A. To be presumed innocent
B. To be informed of the nature and the cause of the accusation against him.
C. To be present and defend in person and by counsel at every stage of the proceeding
D. Right to counsel
F. Right against self-incrimination
Motion to Quash
Demurrer to Evidence
filed before the defendant enters his plea
filed after the prosecution has rested its case
Does not go into the merits of the case but is anchored on matters not directly related to the question of guilt or innocence of the accused
based upon the inadequacy of the evidence adduced by the prosecution in support of the accusation
Governed by Rule 117 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure
governed by Rule 119 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure
Section 2. Form and contents.
Section 5. Effect of sustaining the motion to quash.
Section 2. Contents of the judgment.
Section 5. When an offense includes or is included in another.
Section 7. Modification of judgment.
Section 2. Grounds for new trial.
Section 4. Form of motion and notice to the prosecutor.
Section 6. Effects of granting a new trial or reconsideration.
Section 3. How appeal taken.
Section 4. Service of notice of appeal.
Section 5. Waiver of notice.
Section 6. When appeal to be taken.
Section 10. Transmission of records in case of death penalty.
Section 12. Withdrawal of appeal.
Section 13. Appointment of counsel de oficio for accused on appeal.
Section 2. Appointment of counsel de oficio for the accused.
Section 3. When brief for the appellant to be filed.
Section 9. Prompt disposition of cases.
Section 12. Power to receive evidence.
Section 13. Quorum of the court; certtification or appeal of case to the SC.
Section 16. Rehearing or reconsideration.
Section 2. Review of decisions of the Court of Appeals.
Section 3. Decision if opinion is equally divided.
Section 6. Issuance and form or search warrant.
Section 10. Validity of search warrant.
Section 13. Search incident to lawful arrest.
Kinds of provisional remedies
Section 2. Attachment

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